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Comic of the Week: Action Comics Future’s End



In my entire life I’ve never cried at a movie or about a book or any work of fiction for that matter, until this past week. Believe it or not I was legitimately moved and almost got choked up over a comic book. But I’m getting a head of myself.

For those of you not familiar with the Future’s End storyline permeating DC Comics this month it takes place 5 years in the future after a war with an alternate Earth (Earth-2) has changed the world for the worse. Superman is among the missing however an incorporeal being grants three different people an aspect of Superman’s powers to see how they would use them and then how they would continue their lives after they were taken away again.

I started getting choked up for two reasons. The first is that two of the three people had issues that I have had to deal with in various stages of my life. So screw you to all the people who say a Superman story can’t be relatable. The second reason is that the ending left me with the most amazing feeling of hope. Not just in comics but in the real world. Call me immature or childish if you want but what’s wrong with a grown man being inspired by a funny book?

Overall the Future’s End issues this week we’re all very good and inspiring. Usually when a comic depicts a future it’s usually dystopian or apocalyptic. Very rarely is it this hopeful. It’s been so good I even took to reading titles in the story I don’t normally read. In the series that was out this past week I also recommend Phantom Stranger, Green Arrow and Swamp Thing.

Trench reviews Superman vs. The Elite


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the DC Animated movies. I think their work is better than the comics and the live action movies. However when I read the description of Superman vs. The Elite I thought I was going to hate it.

Basically the concept of the movie is Superman still relevant in today’s world? He faces this question of crisis when a quartet of superhumans who are willing to kill their opponents appear on the scene. I thought this going to be a preachy feature but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was a well written story with plenty of action. As a matter of fact the last 15 minutes of the movie were super intense. Pun intended.

The voice work was outstanding. I thought this was George Newbern’s best work voicing Superman. Pauly Perrette was excellent as Lois Lane. I thought she was a great mix of both Margot Kidder and Dana Delaney.

All in all this has become my favorite DC Animated movie only second to Under the Red Hood.

The sad part is that this movie was all about the classic Superman in the red briefs and not the New 52 popped collar douchey Superman.

Review of Action Comics #900: Superman renounces US citizenship


There was a minor kerfuffle recently when the news came out that in the comics Superman was going to renounce his US citizenship. This outraged some as Supes is supposed to stand for truth, justice and the American way. I’ll have to admit even I had a modicum of outrage over this. That was until I actually read Action Comics #900 and saw what the real deal is. Now if you haven’t read it yet I will be posting spoilers so you’ve been given the ‘Spoilers Ahoy’ warming.

Anyway since this was Action Comics #900 there were several stories in this issue, it was basically an anthology. The story in which this takes place wasn’t even the main story of the issue. The story was basically a one-off story that may or may not actually be canon meaning it may be forgotten by the time issue #901 comes out.

So in the story Superman flies to Iran because an Egypt like revolution is taking place there and he places himself between the military and the protesters. He doesn’t do anything, he just kind of floats there for 24 hours then flies off. Of course the fictional US government has a problem with this as it may have caused an international incident. In the panel that I posted Superman says he’s tired of everything that he does being seen as an American action and that he’s basically more a citizen and protector of the world at large.

One could argue, and I will, that Superman renouncing his US citizenship could be the most patriotic thing he’s ever done. By renouncing his citizenship he’s protecting the US by deflecting blame from the US government.

Besides if you let your politics get in the way of your entertainment then I feel sorry for you.

Review of All Star Superman DVD


Let me preface this by saying I was not a fan of the All Star Superman series of comics. I personally thought that it highlighted everything that has been wrong with the Superman franchise in the last 70 years. With that in mind I was not happy to hear that the latest release in the series of DC Comics animated DVDs was going to be an animated adaptation of All Star Superman.

However I was surprisingly pleased with the DVD. On the plus side they cut out a lot of what I thought was unnecessary filler in the comic books which I thought led to a much tighter story on the DVD.

On the other side the voice acting really bothered me. Perry White was played by Ed Asner which for us old folks who remember Lou Grant this was an awesome choice for the role.Anthony LaPaglia played Lex Luthor but to me he sounded exactly like Ed Asner. so when Luthor talked to Perry White it sounded like Ed Asner was talking to himself.

I would not recommend this one for kids either. It really doesn’t have any mature subjects however there are some scenes that may disturb the young ones but for the most part the story will be over their heads.

I give it a 2 1/2 out of 5.

Review of Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam


When I was a little kid I loved Superman. I watched the old black and white TV shows and all the cartoons. I wanted to be Superman so bad.

Then one day while someone from my family was in the hospital I saw a comic book in the hospital gift shop. It was called Shazam and it contained the stories of Captain Marvel, the world’s mightiest mortal.

I thought to myself that must make him even more powerful than Superman. Then I read the contents and learned that Captain Marvel was actually Billy Batson, a small kid just like me. It was then that I stopped wanting to be Superman and started wanting to be Captain Marvel.

I’ve been a fan of Captain Marvel ever since because of his old-fashioned values and how he still acts like an innocent kid from the 1940s.

Just the other night I finally got around to watching the DC Comics animated short Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam and I was not disappointed. The short is only 25 minutes long but it was packed with a ton of action as Superman and Cap battle the evil Black Adam. Think of Black Adam as the reverse Captain Marvel.

My only regret with this DVD is that it was not a full length feature. I would love to see the Big Red Cheese get his own DC Animation feature film as at one time Captain Marvel was the comic book superhero even outselling Superman.

Superman: Doomsday

So I watched the animated Superman: Doomsday today and it kicked ass. This is the movie that Superman Returns should have been. Lots of Superman smashing the crap out of stuff.

It’s based on The Death of Superman storyline which I never read so I can’t tell you how accurate it was. One warning though, this is not for little kids. It’s rated PG-13 for a reason. It contains blood and there’s a fairly high body count.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was they didn’t use the voice actors that were used for these characters during the DCAU. It took me half the movie to get used to Adam Baldwin as Superman. Anne Heche was ok as Lois Lane. But I’m sorry, Clancy Brown is Lex Luthor. Luckily he’s reprising his role on The Batman.

Anyway overall I liked it a lot. It’s worth a buy.

4 1/2 fedoras out of 5.