Syracuse Breeder stabs 2-year-old son in the groin

Krystal Thomas

Woman arrested after stabbing her 2-year-old son, Syracuse police say:

Syracuse mother faces felony charges for allegedly stabbing 2-year-old in the groin:

If 23-year-old Krystal Thomas of Syracuse, New York looks like she’s about ready to cut a bitch that’s because she probably is.

Sometime last week she got into an argument with her baby daddy. (Is baby daddy suppose to be hyphenated or not?) The man in question left the home to let Thomas cool down, you know the sensible thing. When he returned police say that Thomas was brandishing a knife and acting strangely. She then allegedly got into a 1998 Buick Century (not a small car) and tried to run the man down. Luckily she missed but after hitting the porch and a parked car she took off.

The man ran into the home to find that Thomas allegedly stabbed her two-year-old son in the groin. No word if she hit organs or muscle, not like a groin stabbing isn’t traumatic either way especially for a two-year-old boy.

Thomas is currently in jail on $200K bond.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I was this boy’s age I was a mama’s boy. My dad was a loud and obnoxious drunk so it was an easy choice for me to make. Over the years I witnessed the total love and devotion my mother gave my brother and I when it came to protecting us. A mother is supposed to lover her children above all. My parents used to fight a lot and yes sometimes it even got violent but never once did my mother think to get at my dad by harming one of us.

Krystal Thomas is an ant-mother. She has none of the qualifications or characteristics that any rational person would consider to be a mother.

Thanks to Rose for the tip.

Man who lured 9-year-old gets 3-6

Man accused of using MySpace to lure girl sentenced:

I originally posted about Brian Salisbury here. He’s the guy from Syracuse who pleaded guilty to trying to solicit a 9-year-old girl over MySpace for sex.

Last week he was sentenced to 3-6 for attempted child solicitation and 5 years for disseminating indecent materials to a minor.

Don’t get too excited though. The sentences will run concurrently. He’ll also have to spend a whole 5 years on the sex offender registry.

So as usual he’ll be out in plenty of time to offend again. Registry be damned.

Syracuse man pleads guilty to luring 9-year-old girl

Syracuse man admits trying to lure girl into sex through her MySpace page:

27-year-old Brian Salisbury of Syracuse, New York pleaded guilty to state felony charges of attempted luring a child and first-degree disseminating indecent material to a minor.

Salisbury admitted to trying to lure a 9-year-old girl into sex over MySpace. The 9-year-old girl was smart enough to tell her mother who in turn contacted police. Again while the girl was unharmed a 9-year-old should never be on MySpace.

Salisbury entered a plea deal with the state in order to try to avoid federal charges which would allegedly carry a heftier sentence. However the feds have the last say in the matter and can pursue charges against him if they so choose.

However the problem that I have is that Salisbury was driven to the rendezvous point by a level 3 sex offender who a grand jury decided not to file charges against. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? A registered sex offender was driving a predator to a meeting with a 9-year-old girl. Do you really think he was only there to act as a chaperon?

To make matters worse Salisbury is only looking at 5 years. Again child predators and sex offenders are not being taken seriously by the courts and I want to know the real reason why that is.

The pointless death of Imani Jennings

Day care provider in court; accused of not reporting abuse:

This is the story about 20-month-old Imani Jennings from Syracuse, New York. She wasn’t just beaten to death by her mom’s boyfriend. She was part of a bizarre set of circumstances that led to a mostly preventable death.

Imanai’s birth organism, 18-year-old Cherron Patterson, had split with Imani’s father. She had taken up with 15-year-old Anthony Weakfall as her new boyfriend. While appearing loving and peaceful in public Imanai was going through hell in private. According to autopsy reports Weakfield repeatedly beat Imani with a metal rod, a cable and a spring and that the abuse was ongoing.

To make matters worse the day care center where Imani would go knew the abuse was going on. Daycare provider Diane Shakir even took pictures of Imanai’s abuse but not to go to police. Shakir allegedly took the pictures to cover her own ass so people wouldn’t think that she was the cause of the abuse. Two weeks before Imani’s death at Weakfall’s hand Patterson removed her from the daycare under the suspicion that Shakir knew about the abuse.

Did I mention that Patterson is also pregnant. I wonder if she thought that Weakfall would treat this baby any different.

Imani’s father, Lee Jennings, was fighting for custody through legal channels but as we all know the wheels of justice tend to jam a lot.

In the weeks leading up to her death Imanai would be left alone all day with a bowl of Chicken McNuggets and a glass of milk. The beatings would come if she had an accident. Think about that for a second. A 20-month-old girl, left home alone all day, then beaten if she had an accident. What child that age doesn’t have accidents.

In a day and age where so many resources are available to ‘parents’ there is no need for people to act like barbarians.

Thanks to c0untrygirl for the tip.