We get letters: We are so convinced that Terry Hobbs is innocent?

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

I received the following e-mail from Jason. Jason says…

We are so convinced that Terry Hobbs is innocent? Furthermore, what has led you to believe that WM3 is guilty? People have recanted their comments, Jesse Misskelley was found to have an alibi, as were Damian Echols and Jason Baldwin. Jesse Misskelley’s confession was found to be coerced with many of the details fed to him by the police. Your comments are not compelling at all. I’m really thinking that you’re either Terry Hobbs himself or you’re getting pay rolled by him to create this blog.

Congratulations. This may just be the most factually incorrect e-mail ever written. First off is “We are so convinced that Terry Hobbs is innocent?” even a sentence? I mean it looks like a question but kind of makes a statement. That’s new levels of bad grammar right there.

Secondly no one has recanted their story, please provide documentation that says otherwise.

None of the three had any alibis or else their alibis would have been called to testify.

Jessie Misskelley wouldn’t stop confessing even after his own conviction.

Lastly, you got me. I’m Terry Hobbs. You’ve uncovered my master plan. I started this blog in 2000 then wrote a PRO-WM3 post in 2001, then recanted my position in 2007. appeared on two different national news shows talking about an unrelated crime while wearing Hollywood level prosthetics and wigs in 2009, all the while maintaining my cover in Arkansas. And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for meddling chalupas.

Or maybe Terry Hobbs is bankrolling me because he’s got all that money from his book and movie deals, oh wait, that’s Damien Echols who has that. He’s never one to turn away any payday that he makes off of tragedy.

It seems like somebody just watched the movies for the first time.

Terry Hobbs speaks out on the West Memphis 3

Terry Hobbs

Terry Hobbs

Terry Hobbs Breaks His Silence:

As most of you know Terry Hobbs was the step-father of Stevie Branch. Stevie was one of the three little boys who were murdered 20 years ago by the so-called West Memphis 3. For a number of years now Terry Hobbs has been the virtual bogeyman of the West Memphis 3 supporters, ever since the supposed DNA evidence has been made public.

Roughly near the 20th anniversary of the killings Hobbs spoke to WREG in Memphis to give his side of the story. I implore you to watch the video or read the article at the attached link, I could never do it enough justice. However Mr. Hobbs rightly sums up what the West Memphis 3 movement has always been about….

But Hobbs says Hicks, as well Byers, are wrapped-up in a story that’s turned into an industry, “To me, they`ve all tried to capitalize and they have turned our tragedy into a money making business .”

He says that business, and Hollywood hype, has set the real killers free, “Jason Baldwin, Damien Echols and Jessie Misskelley. I believe that with everything inside of me.”

Hobbs says he hopes the three eventually tell the truth one day and apologize, but until then Hobbs says he has to live with the story that many people believe.

A story that is false but one that the West Memphis 3 supporters cling on to in the name of their outcast profit….I mean prophet.

Thanks to Jim for the tip.

WM3 team still looking to frame an innocent man

Damien Echols (Why no, I didn’t call in any tips.)

Damien Echols (Why no, I didn’t call in any tips.)

Echols’ lawyers want access to tips about 1993 West Memphis murders:

The Damien Echols Exoneration Task Force is still working on Operation: Spaghetti. They’re still throwing everything they can think of to try to get something to stick to Terry Hobbs. Now they’re trying to get the details about Crime Stoppers tips they say implicate Hobbs. The thing is they’re not talking about tips from 1993, they’re talking about recent tips. I’m sure that none of those tips were called in by any number of the fanatical supporters of Echols and the other two or anyone who may or may not be on the dole with Team Echols.

They’ve also been dealt a blow into the credibility of their supposed witnesses who say that Terry Hobbs confessed to killing Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers. The two morons who supposed passed polygraphs who claim that Hobbs’ nephew told them that Hobbs confessed to him, which if I understand it correctly is hearsay. Anyway those two have been arrested on felony drug dealing. I would have to imagine it was meth.

Again this goes to show that the WM3 team is willing to put anyone in jail that suits their purposes. As I’ve mentioned before the first two Paradise Lost movies heavily supposed that Mark Byers was the ‘real killer’. Now that the so-called DNA evidence belongs to Terry Hobbs they’re doing all they can in their power, while defying logic at the same time, to try to put Hobbs behind bars for a crime that he did not commit.

How ironic is it that they’re basically conducting a witch hunt against an innocent man for a crime he didn’t commit?

DOJ: Hair forensics not as reliable as once believed

Justice Dept., FBI to review use of forensic evidence in thousands of cases:

This is an article from The Washington Post that I found in my daily readings the other day. In short the Dept of Justice has come out stating that they will be reviewing thousands of case where a suspect was convicted using forensic hair samples as they state that it is not reliable as it was once thought to be.

So I’m sure you’re saying to yourself “That’s great Trench, but what does that have to do with anything?” Well I’ll tell you since the supporters of a bunch of convicted child killers base their supposed innocence on a single strand of hair.

Damien Echols (But the DNA evidence is solid. You can trust me.)

Damien Echols (But the DNA evidence is solid. You can trust me.)

That’s right kids. The supporters of The West Memphis 3, or as they should be known Damien Echols and those 2 other guys, claim that the WM3 are innocent just because a single hair belonging to Terry Hobbs was found embedded in the shoelace used to tie up one of the victims. Well, some of them do anyway. The rest of them still think that Mark Byers is the ‘real killer’ even though he’s joined the WM3 camp.

As I’ve been saying all along a single hair does not make someone a murderer as much as you want to believe it does. Especially considering the fact that the victims used to play at Hobbs’ house all the time. That single strand of hair could have been picked up at any time. You know what does make someone a murderer? Confessions, police investigations, testimony, a history of psychosis and violence and several upheld convictions by the state Supreme Court. I’ll take those over a strand of hair any day.

West Memphis 3 lawyers throw spaghetti against the wall to see if they can get it to stick to Terry Hobbs

Damien Echols (If it's in a movie it has to be true. Right guys?)

Damien Echols (If it’s in a movie it has to be true. Right guys?)

New sworn statements implicate Terry Hobbs in West Memphis Three case:

The legal team for the West Memphis 3 are up to their old tricks again. Once again they’re using what I like to call spaghetti tactics in order to get their clients exonerated. What I mean by that is that they’re throwing every cockamamie theory against the wall to see if they can get one of them to stick. This time their target is Terry Hobbs once again.

The legal team says that they have sworn statements from three people, who passed polygraphs no less, that Terry Hobbs admitted to killing Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers. Well not directly from Terry Hobbs. The statements are from three guys who said Terry Hobbs’ nephew, Michael Hobbs Jr., told them that Terry Hobbs admitted to killing the boys. Isn’t that same type of hearsay the WM3 supporters claim when people say that Echols told other people that he killed the children?

I’m sure the defenders will ask me why would these three guys lie? There could be any number of reasons, the first being personal gain. I mean who wouldn’t jump at the chance to go from a dirt poor hick town to riding the West Memphis 3 gravy train. Another reason could be retribution. Even an attorney for the West Memphis 3 admits that Michael Hobbs Jr. has given information to the police about 2 of the 3 men in question. Let’s also not forget that polygraphs aren’t as reliable as TV and movies would have you believe. That’s why for decades they’ve not been admissible in court.

Plus I find it less than coincidental that the statements of these three men appear in Peter Jackson’s ‘documentary’ West of Memphis which was highlighted at the Sundance Film Festival recently. You know the film I’m talking about. It’s the one that Jackson directed that was produced by Damian Echols.

It would be different if the WM3 supporters could have focused on one suspect rather than several different ones. Like I said before, first it was the mysterious black guy at the Bojangles. Then it was Mark Byers who was basically the bogeyman of Paradise lost 1 and 2. And now with their supposed DNA ‘evidence’ they think it’s Terry Hobbs. In a few years they’ll probably say it was either Bigfoot or Jimmy Hoffa.

The defenders also ask if the West Memphis 3 are not innocent then why was the State of Arkansas afraid to give them a new trial? That one’s easy. The state of Arkansas doesn’t have a Hollywood backed PR machine behind it. Basically the freedom of three convicted child killers were bought and paid for by Hollywood. As I’ve shown recently Hollywood money can get some amazing yet shady things done.

As far as exoneration goes I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens. I think the real reason Echols’ is fighting for exoneration, because let’s face it this is who it’s all about, is a money grab. If he’s exonerated I would imagine there would be a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the State of Arkansas.

But Echols couldn’t get all this fame and fortune if it wasn’t for the brainwashed masses who believe every lie that comes out of Echols’ trap. Way to think for yourselves.

It pays to be famous II: Natalie Maines adds insult to Terry Hobbs injury


Natalie Maines

Maines Wins Legal Fees After Defamation Case:

I posted about the libel suit filed against Natalie Maines by Terry Hobbs here and the dismissal of the suit here.

Basically, Maines called Terry Hobbs the ‘real killer’ of Steve Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore, the three children who the much ballyhooed West Memphis 3 were convicted of killing. Which means for all intents and purposes the WM3 killed them.

Terry Hobbs was the stepfather to Stevie Branch but now that Terry Hobbs hair was found on one of the boys has got the black nail polished masses are saying that Terry Hobbs is the killer even though for over a decade they called for the head of Mark Byers. Like I’ve said before the so-called DNA evidence neither implicates Hobbs nor exonerates Damien Echols and his lackeys.

This didn’t stop Maines from basically calling Hobbs the real killer in a public rally for the WM3. Mr. Hobbs filed a libel suit against Maines and it was dismissed because a judge said that Maines did not act with malice. Even if she acted with stupidity isn’t that still libel. Anyway, I think that the reason the suit was dismissed is that Maines is famous and the judge didn’t want the heat.

Now not only has the suit been dismissed but Terry Hobbs has been ordered to pay the legal fees of the multimillion-dollar recording artist. A whopping $17,590.

Is that really necessary? To Maines, I’m sure that’s the cost of one of her pleather coated tour bus seats but to someone like Mr. Hobbs, a guy who is just trying to make a living, that could be half a year’s salary or more.

Since no real court will file charges against him are you taking it upon yourself to break Terry Hobbs? Because that’s what it looks like to me.

CNN on the West Memphis 3

Damien Echols

Damien Echols

Victims’ parents remain divided over West Memphis 3 case:

It seems that CNN.com has run out of Jon & Kate and Casey Anthony news to write about and decided to post an article about the West Memphis 3 for some reason.

Nothing new in the article but it brought the black nail polished outcast masses to their keyboards to comment on the article.

And once again the comments show that the WM3 supporters are still made up of two factions. The ones who think that Mark Byers did it or the ones that used to think that Mark Byers did it but now think Terry Hobbs did because of the so-called DNA evidence. The real funny thing is I don’t think they care who really did it as long as Damien Echols gets released. Which is kind of the same thing they say put Echols in jail in the first place. So in my opinion it seems they don’t care if a wrongly accused man gets put in jail as long as Echols is free. And I say Echols because like I’ve contended this has always been about him.

Again I say that maybe the fact that Echols and friends are still in jail and have had all their appeals denied is because they’re actually guilty and it’s not just some anti-metal-goth-wiccan-pagan conspiracy. But the WM3 supporters won’t dare to step out of their black box to actually think that.

It pays to be famous: Lawsuit against Dixie Chick dismissed


Natalie Maines

Judge dismisses libel lawsuit against Dixie Chicks:

I originally posted about Dixie Chick Natalie Maines falling under the spell of the West Memphis 3 propaganda here after seeing the ‘documentaries’.  Then I posted about the libel lawsuit filed against her by Terry Hobbs here.

To briefly recap after the much-lauded DNA evidence was released and a strand of Terry Hobbs hair was found on one of the victims Maines said in a 2007 rally and I quote…

“he washed his clothes and sheets at odd hours for no other reason than to hide evidence from the crime.”

So basically she said that Terry Hobbs was the killer. For those of you unaware Terry Hobbs is the stepfather of one of the children killed so it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to find a strand of hair on his stepson. Since Terry Hobbs has not been convicted of murder let alone arrested that seems like libel to me.

A federal judge disagrees with me. In his ruling the judge said…

Hobbs couldn’t establish “actual malice”—that Maines knew the statements were false or that she made them with “reckless disregard” of the truth.

So I guess you can claim ignorance of the truth in court and get away with it if you’re famous. Famous but not relevant.

Family comes forward in West Memphis 3 case

Damien Echols

Damien Echols

Update: Convicted Killer, Damien Echols Speaks Out About New Developments:

So this past week some new ‘evidence’ in the case of the West Memphis 3 has been unveiled. A mother and her two sons have ‘come forward’ claiming that they saw Terry Hobbs with the three victims the day of their murder. Hobbs has previously testified that he never saw his stepson and his two friends that day.

If you’ll recall the WM3 defense group claim that DNA found on one of the children that belongs to Hobbs shows that Hobbs is the murderer.

The woman and her sons claim that they were never interviewed by police at the time of the murders. So apparently they felt that 16 years later was the appropriate time to come forward.

I find it a little convenient that these people are coming forward now to implicate Hobbs. For years the West Memphis 3 supporters have pointed their black nail polish covered fingers at Mark Byers. But ever since the DNA ‘evidence’ was discovered to have belonged to Terry Hobbs he’s been the new target of the outcast masses.

Terry Hobbs lawyer has basically called the allegations ridiculous and that basically WM3 attorney Dennis Riordan is a liar.

Dixie Chick lawsuit moved to federal court


Natalie Maines

Arkansas case vs. Dixie Chicks moved to federal court:

The defamation lawsuit against Natalie Maines of Dixie Chicks by the stepfather of one of the victims of the West Memphis 3 has been moved to federal court. The case was moved to federal court after Maines’ lawyers said that the parties involved are from different states and the damages being sought exceed $75K.

Her lawyers are also claiming first amendment protection for the statements that Maines made about Terry Hobbs in a 2007 rally. If you’ll recall when the DNA evidence from the crime scene was tested a hair belonging to Hobbs was found. As I’ve said before this neither implicates Hobbs nor exonerates the WM3. However, on her website, Maines basically said that Hobbs was the killer.

In part, she wrote, “he washed his clothes and sheets at odd hours for no other reason than to hide evidence from the crime.”

The last time I checked Terry Hobbs has not been convicted for the murders. That sounds like defamation to me and as we all should know defamation is not protected speech.

I usually find it that it’s scoundrels who try wrapping themselves in the first amendment when they get in hot water.