Backpage extortion leads to two murders in Texas

Backpage extortion leads to two murders

Christopher Wall

33-year-old Christopher Wall, of Weatherford, Texas, is accused of shooting and killing Ashley Phorence, 23, and Krista McClellan, 21, in Willow Park, Texas. Wall allegedly found McClellan and another woman on Backpage and contacted them for a massage at his workplace. McClellan allegedly told Wall that the pair of women had recorded him soliciting them for sex and were extorting him for $8,000. Phorence, McClellan, and the other woman met Wall at a bank in Willow Park to get more money from him. Instead, Wall reportedly shot and killed the two women while the third waited, and eventually escaped, in the car.

If reports are to be believed, then no one is innocent in this story. However, extortion is not an excuse for murder. First off, try not to find yourself in situations to be blackmailed, like ordering women off of Backpage. That’s the wrong thing to do for a multitude of reasons I’ve discussed before. If someone does threaten extortion against you in a situation like this, go to police. Yes, you may be cited for soliciting prostitution and have to deal with the repercussions from that, but you won’t be spending a possible life sentence in jail for first-degree murder.

Weatherford Democrat

Kik child porn trader found images ‘unsettling’

Kik child porn trader found images 'unsettling'

Eugene Martinez

20-year-old Eugene Joseph Martinez, of Lubbock, Texas, has been apprehended by federal authorities for allegedly trading child porn online. Martinez claims he joined a child trading porn group on the mobile messaging app Kik, and found the images unsettling. However, that didn’t stop him from trading and collecting child porn. You would think that Kik would be the ones who turned Martinez into authorities, but they weren’t. It was the cloud storage company Dropbox that contacted investigators. Dropbox said the account that Martinez is believed to have used, contained over 300 explicit images of prepubescent children.

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Kik, really needs to rein in all the sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors that inhabit their platform. Back in the day, Yahoo Messenger used to have the same problem. While it took them years to finally get off their ass, Yahoo eventually got serious about shutting down chat rooms that were havens for predators and child porn. Kik needs to do that now, unless that’s all they want to be known for.

Shock collars, thorny switches, and brushing teeth with cat feces

Shock collars, thorny switches, and brushing teeth with cat feces

Cheyanne and James Chalkley

James Howard Chalkley, 32, and Cheyanne Chalkley, 22, of Converse, Texas, were taken into custody this past Monday after a court hearing over the removal of the children from their home. Why were the children removed? We’ll get there in a moment. However, just for clarification’s sake, James Chalkley is the children’s father while his wife is their stepmother.

Now here’s a list of all the ways James Chalkely allegedly abused his two daughters, ages 10 and 5.

They were often hit with switches made from a lemon tree in their backyard and sometimes the switches had thorns.

The 10-year-old had her head shoved into a wall.

Both girls had their heads held in the toilet.

The 5-year-old was forced to wear shock collars for dogs on her arms and legs.

When a cat had defecated in the closet, Chalkley allegedly punished the girls for not cleaning it up by smearing it on their faces and making them brush their teeth with the cat feces. Once so hard until one of the girl’s mouth bled.

The wicked stepmother is no better. She often allegedly took part in the abuse and did nothing to stop it. In fact, when asked by Chalkley if she thought he was hitting the kids ‘too much’, she allegedly replied with ‘If they were my kids I’d hit them more’. That’s paraphrased but you get the idea.

First off, if you have to ask if you’re hitting your kids too much, the answer is always yes. Once is too many. Secondly, as I have asked so many times in the past, where do these people find each other? Is there some kind of dating app for child abusers? Abusr? Plenty of Abuse?

Thankfully, one of their teachers saw the bruises on one of the girls and notified authorities. If you live in Texas and suspect someone of child abuse, you can contact the Texas Abuse Hotline at (800) 252-5400 or at their website.

Thanks to Neva for the tip.

Houston Backpage pimp assaulted woman for trying to leave

Houston Backpage pimp assaulted woman for trying to leave

Clifton Campbell

And we go back to Houston, Texas, where 30-year-old Clifton Campbell has been arrested for allegedly forcibly prostituting a woman on Backpage. Police say when the woman tried to leave Campbell, he punched her in the throat and in the eye. Please tell me about consenting adults again.

And Backpage still continues to collect that ad revenue from scum like this. More people should be outraged about this rather than whatever the reposted Facebook outrage story of the day is, you know, like football players kneeling, or how dogs would wear pants.

Two Houston women accused of turning out 14-year-old on Backpage

Two Houston women accused of turning out 14-year-old on Backpage

Henry and Garrett

24-year-old Centurrie Deshunn Garrett and 20-year-old Teresa Henry have been charged with various human trafficking charges for allegedly prostituting a 14-year-old girl on Backpage. Reports say the victim was allegedly lured away from Chicago by Henry with the promise of a romantic relationship.

It doesn’t matter if the pimps are men or women, the promise of a romantic relationship is one of the most commonly used tricks by pimps in order to recruit younger girls. There have been too many stories I’ve posted where the girl being trafficked claimed to be her pimp’s girlfriend.

Let’s also not forget these two somehow negotiated their way through Backpage’s stringent safeguards to prevent minors from being turned out on their site. And I by stringent I really mean porous.

Hopefully, these two will be sentenced to a Centurrie.

Foster Children Evacuated from Texas Gulf Coast in Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Foster Children Evacuated from Texas Gulf Coast in Wake of Hurricane Harvey

More than 1200 children in 24 foster care residential facilities along the Texas coastline have been evacuated and taken to other facilities and churches in the San Antonio area. These other facilities include the Children’s Shelter, Boysville, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children and Roy Maas Alternatives.

Renee Garvens of Roy Maas Alternatives said,

“[These kids are] pretty amazingly resilient in their ability to just grab their stuff and walk away from one home to the next.”

Think about that for a minute. Amazingly resilient, or sadly accustomed to it? This “ability” is one no child should possess or be good at. But it’s the sad truth for many, if not most, children in foster care across the country. They learn not to put down roots anywhere, because they could be relocated any time.

They’ve most likely learned this the hard way, from previous failed placements. Learning things the hard way often results in a tough, bad-ass child/teenager/adult, who is unable to follow through with or commit to much of anything or anyone. And so the foster care cycle begins again for these children’s children, not in every case, but in many.

Blessings to the facilities and churches that took in these evacuated kids, and blessings to the staff who most likely followed the kids to ensure care was provided to them during this upheaval. Perhaps something remained constant for the kids if they at least had some familiar caregivers.

Roy Maas Alternatives
Children’s Shelter
St. Jude’s Ranch for Children

Man who assaulted girl from Skout said “he had been through this before”

Man who assaulted girl from Skout said "he had this trouble before"

Michael Alan Guerra

21-year-old Michael Alan Guerra, of San Antonio, Texas, has been charged with allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl he met through the social networking and dating app Skout. Guerra reportedly first told the girl he was 16 and his name was Frank. While GUerra was driving the girl around, he is said to have forced the girl to perform a sex act on him.

Police were able to track down Guerra through his phone number. When approached by police Guerra reportedly told police he only meets girls who are 19. He also supposedly did not want to talk to police because “he had been through this before.” It turned out Guerra had a previous arrest for ‘having sex’ (child rape) with another 14-year-old girl.

Guerra was found out when the victim’s mother discovered her daughter had been in contact with a man on Skout. Skout’s terms of service states no one under 13 should use their app. Not only does the TOS say that anyone between 13 and 18 should have the permission of a parent or guardian to use the app, but the Google Play Store gives the app a Mature rating. TL;DR version is, no one under 18 should really be using this app. Skout is also owned by the same company that owns MeetMe, another shady dating app kids shouldn’t be using.

Accused Backpage pimp used his mom to contact victim

Accused Backpage pimp called out for alleged witness tampering

(Story broke 5/31/2017)

A person by the name of George Torres is accused of allegedly prostituting an underage girl on Backpage in the Corpus Christi, Texas, area. During a hearing at the end of May, prosecutors testified Torres was allegedly contacting his victim in order to try to discourage her from testifying against him. Prosecutors said not only did Torres reportedly contact the victim himself, but he also had other inmates and his mother contact the victim. I would imagine the conversations were not of the ‘pretty please’ variety, but more of the ‘it would be a shame if something happened’ type. So not only was this girl said to be sold into sexual slavery, but she may also have had to endure continued abuse from her alleged pimp, his cohorts and his family. Yet sex trafficking and child prostitution is still considered too bleak and depressing for most people to pay real attention to as a problem that needs addressing.

I also bet Backpage thinks this guy was just exercising his freedom of speech.

Backpage sex ad leads to murder in Austin

Backpage sex ad leads to murder in Austin

Julian Medrano

(Story broke 7/12/2017)

Here we have another story in which there are no good guys.

43-year-old Dunieski Castillo-Leyva and two of his friends were said to have responded to a sex ad on Backpage in Austin, Texas. The trio drove to an apartment where an argument reportedly ensued over money paid and ‘services’ not received. Of course, arguments like this tend to turn violent and this one was no different.

Levya and his friends tried leaving the area and got into his car. This is where 17-year-old Julian Juan Medrano allegedly fired a single shot into Levya’s vehicle instantly killing the man. Medrano is said to be related to the apartment where the three men drove to, but it hasn’t been made public as to what capacity he was serving.

The investigation is currently ongoing.

Anyone with information on the homicide is asked to call the Homicide Tip Line at 512-477-3588 or Crime Stoppers at 512-472-TIPS.

I’m not saying this is what exactly happened, however, when you argue with a prostitute over money and try to get it back, that’s when pimps and their muscle try to get involved and they only solve problems one way, with violence. Much in the way that you wouldn’t ask a drug dealer for change, if you’re out money because of a Backpage sex ad, that’s on you. Just let it go man, because it’s gone. It’s not worth losing your life over. Even better, how about not using Backpage to solicit prostitutes? It only continues the cycle of violence and abuse many of these women have to endure from their pimps and traffickers.

LGBT church staff member victim of craigslist killing in Dallas

LGBT church staff member victim of craigslist killing in Dallas

Yevin Rushing

(Story broke 7/9/2017)

54-year-old Robert Lee Covington was the personal assistant to the senior pastor at the Cathedral of Hope of Dallas. According to reports, the Cathedral of Hope is one of the largest LGBT churches in the country. Mr. Covington was found dead in his home on Friday night. He is said to have died from asphyxiation due to his nose and mouth being covered by duct tape. Missing from his home were his Rolex watch, his cell phone and car keys.

Police had no suspects until 22-year-old Yevin Rushing allegedly returned to the scene of the crime in a U-Haul. Rushing saw police investigating the crime scene and left. Neighbors reported this as a suspicious vehicle which led police to the suspect. Rushing allegedly told police he met Mr. Covington on craigslist and Covington had given him his Rolex. The watch was said to have been in Rushing’s vehicle. He is currently being held on $500,000 bond after being charged with capital murder.

By all accounts, Mr. Covington was loved by his congregation and by no means do I intend to sully his name or memory. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind not just those in the LGBT community, but anyone, not to use craigslist for hook-ups. While there is a degree of anonymity to craigslist, there is a much higher degree of danger. Anybody who uses craigslist for any kind of physical pursuit could find themselves robbed, sexually assaulted, or sadly, even killed.

My thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to the friends and family of Mr. Covington.
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