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WA craigslist creeper says he was a ‘virgin collector’

Police: Man ‘collecting virgins’ solicited sex from 15-year-old girl:

Thomas Hicks

Thomas Hicks

The guy in the striped pajamas over there is 47-year-old Thomas Hicks of Maple Valley, Washington. Police in nearby Everett, Washington say that Hicks posted a craigslist ad allegedly looking for sex from underage girls. In fact they say that the ad said “Collecting Virgins m4w – 45 (Auburn).”

Everett police posed as a 15-year-old girl and corresponded with Hicks. In case you were wondering what Hicks’ intentions may have been police say that one of his messages contained the following…

When asked what he wanted to do, Hicks reportedly responded, “I would love to make it real good for you…taking my time…making sure you thoroughly enjoy yourself.”

Police arranged a meeting with Hicks at a local apartment where Hicks was arrested. At the time of his arrest Hicks allegedly used the ‘just hanging out’ defense used by so many people profiled on To Catch A Predator. He also claimed that he previously met housewives through the ad and meant college age when he said ‘younger’. Right. The odds of finding a college aged virgin housewife on craigslist are slim to none and Slim just left. Also considering the way his ad was worded I doubt this was his first time only his first time being caught.

Still, predators will continue to use craigslist to find new victims until craigslist itself is willing to step up and actually do something about it. See the previous paragraph on the odds of that happening.