We get letters: You my sir one judgemental prick


I received the following e-mail from a guy named Dan. Dan writes…

You my sir one judgemental prick. I wonder where you get off with your holier than thou attitude. Your site is total garbage. Hang out in your mom’s basement much. All just a result of your childhood and having been bullied. An agent of change my ass

The one thing I want to address about Dan’s e-mail is my mom’s basement. I wish I had a basement growing up. My cousins in Philadelphia had a cool basement and I had friends growing up who had cool basements but we didn’t have one. I was always jealous because they had cool things like pool tables and vintage pinball machines in their’s.

Basement’s aside I was wondering what had Dan so hot under the collar. I couldn’t find his name on this site so I decided to do some research so I looked him up by the e-mail address he used to send me his missive. At first I thought his address was a typo because if you changed it by one character it becomes the title of a somewhat famous heavy metal album. That was until I found two very interesting items that are peripherally related to this site.

The first was that I found an account on a website where you’re supposed to be verified as safe by the online prostitutes one may or may not frequent. Kind of like a reverse eBay rating for johns.

Then I found something even more glorious. An alleged chat between someone using the same username as Dan and another person on from the website TinyChat. Now let me preface this by saying I don’t know if this was some kind of police investigation or maybe someone like perverted justice or if this chat is even legitimate. I’m just showing what I’ve found online. Usernames have been changed to protect all parties involved. Also there is some salty language in the chat transcript so I’m putting it behind the cut.

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Welsh predator extorts US girls through Justin Bieber Tinychat room

Justin Bieber chat room used to incite two young girls to perform sex acts:

Benjamin Mahoney

Benjamin Mahoney

No grown man should ever be in a Justin Bieber themed chatroom, ever, for any reason. Unless you happen to be an online predator which 29-year-old Benjamin Mahoney of Wales is. Mahoney used the Bieber themed chatroom on Tinychat to groom two girls from Maine that were ages 11 and 12. For those of you unfamiliar with Tinychat it is a chat room service that incorporates webcams.

After gaining the girls trust he intimidated the two girls to perform sex acts on each other and if they refused he would threaten to post the videos on the web. The girls eventually went to their local police and through the help of the Department of Homeland Security they were able to track Mahoney down to the home he shared with his mother. Go figure. Mahoney was only given five years for his deeds.

First off as I keep saying no child under the age of 18 should have a webcam unless it’s to Skype to Grandma under parental supervision. If you allow your kids to have webcams like this not only do you have to worry about the predator in your town but predators worldwide as this shows. Lastly please tell your kids that no adult online is to be trusted especially if they’re in an age inappropriate room like teen pop star chat room. If they’re in there they are only up to no good.

Child porn bust reveals pedophile network on BlogTV and Tinychat


In London, Ontario, Canada their cybercrimes unit arrested one 30-year-old Jason Bezzo for allegedly having the largest child porn stash they had ever seen.

They say that Bezzo’s child porn collection was 700 gigabytes large.

Like a lot of pedophiles that get caught Bezzo claims that he needs ‘help’.

“I’m sorry this all happened,” Bezzo told McGrath. “And I hope to get help where I’m going.”

And of course we have a sleazy lawyer trying to defend this scumbag.

Bezzo’s lawyer Andy Rady said his client had a girlfriend until he was 19 when he suffered a head injury in a home invasion. He hasn’t had a relationship since. About five years ago, he became involved with child pornography and it snowballed. He was relieved when he was arrested because “he knew sometime he would be caught,” Rady said.

I think the help that Bezzo needs is more and more frequent head injuries but Bezzo is not the part of the article I really wanted to talk about.

During the course of their investigation authorities from both Canada and the US have discovered that there is a network of pedophiles that haunt streaming live webcam sites like BlogTV and Tinychat.

The network convinces kids on these sites to commit sex acts for them then the videos are traded on file sharing networks.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now your kids do not need a webcam. As I’ve said before letting your child have a webcam is like inviting pedophiles and predators into your home.

If you know of anyone that has kids old enough to use a computer please send this post to them. It could mean the difference between their kids staying safe or having their images traded worldwide between pedophiles.