Infant who ‘fell off bed’ had injuries consistent with crash

injuries consistent car crash

Ezekiel Hadithy

A gravitational anomaly must have happened in Tulsa recently since a nine-month-old infant is now brain-dead after ‘falling off a bed’. Doctors who examined the child said the injuries the child sustained were consistent with that of being ejected from a car during a high-speed collision or falling from a third story window onto concrete. So obviously the magnetic poles of the Earth must have drastically shifted recently to cause such velocity and impact from such a short height. Or we could have a lying sack of crap boyfriend.

38-year-old Ezekiel Hadithy was living with the baby’s mother at a motel in Tulsa. When the baby ‘fell off the bed’ Hadithy had allegedly woken the mother and said he found the baby like that. After police started investigating, Hadithy is said to have changed his story to where he supposedly ‘dropped’ the baby on the motel laundry room floor. So either the bed was on a third story ledge or the motel laundry room doubled as a crash test facility.

You may think you’re smarter than police and doctors, but you’re not. They have years of training and experience on how to recognize child abuse and you’re a lugnut who lives in a motel room. Maybe instead of trying to fabricate a situation that couldn’t have possibly happened, call 911 immediately and maybe this baby could have had a fighting chance.

Tusla woman accused of abusing her 1-year-old daughter for Kik boyfriend

Tusla woman accused of abusing her 1-year-old daughter for Kik boyfriend

Jerrica Lackey

(Story broke on 5/23/2017)

39-year-old Jerrica Lackey, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is accused of allegedly sexually abusing her own 1-year-old daughter because her online boyfriend asked her to. The baby’s father is said to have discovered the images and messages to the boyfriend on Lackey’s phone on the Kik app. The boyfriend is reportedly a man from Florida by the name of John Marco. As of the time I’m posting this I have not seen any record of his arrest.

Remember people, when it comes to Kik, it’s overrun with sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors.

That’s not even mentioning what kind of woman would dare call herself a mother when she does something like this for a man who she’s probably never met and probably never would?

Why does a child advocacy group want Backpage’s sex ads to stay open?

Why does a child advocacy group want Backpage's sex ads to stay open?

Please watch the following video from Fox 23 in Tulsa about Backpage and their so-called self-imposed shuttering of the adult ads section…

First off, I’m usually not one to tell police how to do their job, but to the unidentified Tulsa Detective, less prostitution means fewer victims of trafficking. That’s a good thing. Just because 99% of your stings are done online doesn’t mean that your job is dependent on Backpage staying in business. You would think that someone whose job it is to protect the public would be happy that there would be less of a crime instead of maintaining the status quo.

The part of the video I really want to talk about comes at the 1:21 mark where a screenshot from child advocacy group Children of the Night is shown in support of Backpage. They claim that Backpage helps them find trafficking victims in order to rescue them. I would argue that without Backpage there wouldn’t be as near as many people that they would need to rescue but Children of the Night’s motives may be more financial than altruistic.

Children of the Night makes money from Backpage. The group’s director, Dr. Lois Lee, has even admitted as such on this very website. That’s not even mentioning that Dr. Lee appears to be very chummy with Backpage attorney Liz McDougall. Some may call that a conflict of interest, I know I do. It seems that Dr. Lee believes that Backpage can be both the source and solution of 80% of all online prostitution in the US. In the past I’ve referred to that as the Backpage Paradox.

Even though Backpage’s sex ads still thrive on their website, only in a different section, if the ads were to disappear it would lead to a vast reduction in he number of women and girls being trafficked for sex, and isn’t that the true goal?

Tulsa teacher crept Canadian girl on Kik

James Wilson

James Wilson

31-year-old James Wilson was a band director at Tulsa, Oklahoma public schools. That was until his arrest for allegedly soliciting explicit pics from a 12-year-old Canadian girl on Kik. You can tell he didn’t prey on any of his students, that we know of, because he didn’t use Snapchat, but I digress.

Wilson is not only accused of posing as a 15-year-old boy on Kik but also pressuring the 12-year-old into sending him pictures.

He pressured her, sending messages such as, “You can trust me” and “You’re so beautiful, please, please, please,” according to the complaint.

Both are well established tricks used by online predators over the years. That should indicate that this probably wasn’t Wilson’s first victim. So should all the child porn investigators reportedly found…

Investigators say they found 235 photos and videos of “infants, toddlers and children under the age of 18” engaged in “explicit sexual activity.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if most if not all of those images were obtained on Kik since it’s a huge source of child porn trading. Let’s not forget that no 12-year-old girl needs to be on Kik. While Kik’s own terms of service say that you have to be at least 13 to use their service I would not recommend it for anyone under the age of 18 due to all the sex offenders and pedophiles that pollute Kik’s network.

Tulsa craigslist ad posted by someone claiming to be killer


Someone in Tulsa, Oklahoma posted the above ad on craigslist recently claiming that they killed someone and are moving on to Oklahoma City to claim their next victim. I guess 2016 is starting out to be the year of web hoaxes.

Yes this is obviously some kind of hoax. Tulsa police claim that they’re investigating the ad but say that they currently don’t have any murder victims where the accused murderer has not been apprehended. Typically if this was posted by a serial killer who was wanting this kind of attention the body would have been found already.

More than likely this is someone with a criminal history who is trying to put the scare into people in the system who they feel have wronged them. The two people mentioned at the end of the ad are a Department of Corrections employee and a judge.

Let’s also not forget that craigslist is a breeding ground for these kind of hoaxes. Every once in a while someone will post an ad for a child for sale thinking they’re funny. Until the police show up though because it a lot of jurisdictions posting an ad like that is illegal, even if it’s a joke.

So, no mystery. Go about your business Tulsa.

Tulsa woman charged with prostituting 14-year-old on Backpage

Tulsa Woman Accused of Human Trafficking of 14-Year-Old Girl:

Officers make prostitution sting, find 14-year-old girl:

Alaina Lamecker

Early in August police in Tulsa, Oklahoma spotted a girl on Backpage that appeared to be underage. When they set up the meeting they were greeted by 23-year-old Alaina Lamecker. Also in the room was the girl purportedly from the ad who was 14-years-old. According to reports Lamecker is said top have admitted knowing the victim’s age.

Obviously traffickers and pimps don’t care about the girls’ ages. They just care about the money. Kind of like Backpage. How does that not make them pimps?

Child porn, dog sex and parents exploiting their kids for sex. Just another day on craigslist

Lewis and Dick

Lewis and Dick

Tulsa Man, Vinita Woman Arrested For Child Pornography:

Not too long ago some pedo-defender left a comment on my site that said there’s no such thing as kids being on craigslist and that it’s all a fabrication of police using entrapment in order to lure predators who would not be normally inclined to do so. Of course I said bullshit to that and this disgusting story goes a long way in proving my point.

Police in Oklahoma have arrested 31-year-old Ricky Lee Lewis of Tulsa and 21-year-old Brittiny Linne Dick (not touching that one) of Venita on child porn charges.

Allegedly Lewis was soliciting women that he would meet on craigslist for explicit pictures of their children and he would also tell them what sex acts he’d like to perform on their children. It’s at this point that I’m sure you’re saying to yourself that “Surely no mother would actually acquiesce to his request.” Since you’re reading this here you know someone did and don’t call me Shirley. That ‘person would be the aforementioned Brittiny Linne Dick. She allegedly sent several graphic pictures of a naked toddler to Lewis. No word on what Dick would have received or did receive in exchange for the pics but one can only imagine it wasn’t for his dashing good looks.

When police searched Lewis’ computer they say they found not only child porn but images of Lewis violating a dog. They also say that Lewis was looking for ‘playdates’ on craigslist for his 9-year-old son. In case you can’t figure out the brilliant craigslist code that means that more than likely he was looking to trade his son for some other pedophile’s kid.

This is no myth. This is no urban legend. There are people on craigslist who will more than happily rent out their kids to strangers for sex. But keep on using craigslist because you found a really awesome on couch there. It’s not like your business, free or otherwise, supports this activity on craigslist. Oh wait, yes it does.

UPDATE 9/24/2013: Lewis was sentenced to 60 years while Dick was sentenced to 51. A second woman by the name of Sally Deupree was convicted on child porn charges after meeting Lewis on craigslist. Dupree was said to have sent child porn to Lewis at his request.

Facebook predator busted at payphone

Henry Allen Ross

Henry Allen Ross

Facebook sting leads police to accused sexual predator:

Man arrested after arranging to have sex with girl, 12, police say:

No kids, police didn’t arrest Shaggy for mainlining Scooby Snacks in the Mystery Machine. That’s 23-year-old Henry Allen Ross of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was arrested at a payphone for allegedly soliciting sex from a 12-year-old girl over Facebook. First off why the hell was a 12-year-old girl on Facebook and apparently Tulsa still has payphones.

You see kids, a payphone or ‘phone booth’ was something us old-timers used before the advent of cellular phone technology. It was what we had to use if we wanted to make a phone call while we were away for our cave houses. And Superman changed clothes in them before that was thought as creepy. And you couldn’t take pictures with it or play Angry Birds on it. Text messages were something we called ‘letters’.

Anyway while I’m giving shit to the parents I will say that they at least taught this girl well for the most part. It seems that Ross and the girl had mutual Facebook friends. The girl lied and said her age was 14 I’m sure just to get on Facebook. Like that makes it any better that he was creeping on a 14-year-old. However when the conversation between Ross and the girl turned sexual she told her uncle that the conversation was making her feel uncomfortable. The girl’s grandmother called the cops while the uncle got on Facebook posing as the girl and commandeered the conversation.

At that point reports say that Ross asked the ‘girl’ to meet him at a payphone. That should have been a dead giveaway he was talking to an adult. What 12-year-old knows what a payphone is? Getting away from my payphone obsession that’s when police rushed to the meeting spot and arrested Ross.

I wonder if Ross made his phone call from the only place where you really only find payphones anymore. Jail.

4 kids taken from the meth house from hell

mlarsonFour Children Taken From Tulsa Meth House:

Usually I leave the Oklahoma stories to angel even though I don’t think she’s from there or has ever been there but this one just leapt out at me. Something about meth stories just really get my goat.

Anyway, Goatface there is 30-year-old Melody Brooke Larson of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She had her 4 kids, ages 19 months, 2, 3, 7 and 10, taken from her house where meth was being trafficked. But the fact that meth was being dealt there isn’t the end of the story.

Let’s go down the list of other atrocities that were going on in the house. There were exposed needles within reach of the children. There was human waste on the floor. There were prescription drugs in reach of the kids. There was blood sprayed on the wall from someone jabbing themselves with one of the aforementioned needles. And the usual trash, clothes and broken glass strewn about the place.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some high end electronics in the house because usually drug dealers worry about satisfying there own desires and not the wants and needs of their own children.

Thanks to Chantel for the tip.

Obvious headline of the day: Tulsa craigslist edition

Sex Offenders On Craigslist:

This is a report from Fox23 in Tulsa about sex offenders on craigslist. Here’s just one of the many reasons why I think craigslist needs to shut down the erotic services section.

The director of the Tulsa chapter for Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans says children as young as eleven-years-old are exploited by sellers, buyers and sex offenders on Craigslist.

There’s your ‘victimless’ crime again.