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Valentine’s mall shooting plot sheds light on Columbiners


Back in February police in both the U.S. and Canada foiled a mass shooting plot that was to take place on Valentine’s Day at the Halifax Shopping Centre in Nova Scotia. There were three suspects, two male and one female. All three were self-admitted Columbiners.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term a Columbiner is someone who is basically a fanboy, or girl, of the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold. On the internet they exist mostly on Tumblr but in years past they congregated on LiveJournal and Xanga. I used to refer to them as mutants, like radiation exposed subhumans that dwell in sewers kind of mutants.

I’m not going to name these three Columbiners accused of this plot because that’s what they want most of all. what they perceive as fame but what we call infamy. In this case I’m surprised that the alleged plotters planned on Valentine’s day for their proposed crime. Usually the Columbiners aren’t original enough to plan anything that’s not on the anniversary of Columbine. They’re still not original as Valentine’s day is also the day of one of the most infamous crimes in North American history. Speaking of unoriginal, one of the male suspects took his own life while police were advancing on his location, much like his cowardly heroes.

The article I linked to also talks to author and friend of the site Dave Cullen. Mr. Cullen is not very popular with the Columbiners since his book ‘Columbine’ does not paint the killers in the most flattering light. Let’s see what he has to say about them…

“There are people who are just interested in the crime and are typically obsessive about it, but there’s also definitely a fandom,” he said.

“There’s a subset of those who are females. A lot of them are fan-fiction types of things of girls with their imagined sexual exploits with them,” Cullen said.

He’s not kidding folks. Years ago I came across a Columbiner message board where one grown woman legitimately believed she had sex with the ghost of Dylan Klebold and had his ghost babies. I wish I was making that up.

They continue with Mr. Cullen…

Cullen noted that one Columbiner’s intro page on her website expressing admiration for Harris contains an inaccuracy in nearly every line, right down to erroneously claiming the gunman’s favourite film was Natural Born Killers. It wasn’t, according to Cullen.

“Most of what she says in her overview is wrong and just demonstrates a cursory knowledge, as someone who’s obsessed, but not obsessed enough to find out if she’s got it right,” he said. “This is who we’re dealing with here.

Like believing that Columbine was caused by bullying. It wasn’t and there is no evidence to support that.

Being a Columbiner is not a normal thing. It’s not just a phase. In my opinion it’s more a sign of mental illness and should be treated as such. If your kids are like this get them the help they need immediately before they’re arrested or worse.

UPDATE 11/27/2016: One of the male suspects was sentenced to 10 years in Canadian prison.

UPDATE 4/13/2017: The 25-year-old female suspect has pleaded guilty, and is expected to be sentenced in October.

We get letters through Tumblr: You’re an asshole

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

I received this message through my Tumblr page the other day…

You’re an asshole leave Damien Echols alone wtf

Normally I would have dismissed this as just being from another chalupa. (Side note: Thrice convicted child killer Damien Echols refers to his fans as chupacabras so I call them chalupas which I’ve been told is an insult to chalupas but I digress.) But before I clicked on the delete icon I curiously clicked on this person’s Tumblr name. Now I’m not going to divulge the account in question because I don’t want to invite harassment on someone who is obviously a confused child.

Turns out this girl was not just a fan of Echols but also Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes, Columbine cowards Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, and non-repentant school shooter T.J. Lane. I was greeted by animated gifs of school shooters while a lot of the posts were doe eyed tributes to Damian Echols. This girl feels about mass murderers like most girls would gush on about their favorite music group or celebrity.

What you’re doing is not normal, not even by counter-culture standards. It is an indication of a deeper-rooted mental illness and you should get help. I’m telling you this because it’s obvious your parent(s) either don’t know or don’t care or both. If this kind of activity carries into adulthood you could end up being one of those women who end up marrying death row inmates, also not normal by any standard. Not to mention that by idolizing these mass killers you’re enabling future killers.

Be an individual, don’t let yourself be defined by a Tumblr hashtag.

Man charged with posting child porn on Tumblr

Man charged with posting child pornography online:

Richard E. Desensi

Richard E. Desensi

For those of you unfamiliar with Tumblr it’s a blogging site which in my opinion is the successor to LiveJournal. I mean it has it all, epic reposting of memes, teens complaining about first world problems, murder groupies and mutants, and porn. Lots and lots of porn. Unfortunately even that of the child variety. See, just like LiveJournal used to be.

For example take 45-year-old Richard E. Desensi of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. He was charged for allegedly posting and exchanging child porn through Tumblr while using his work computer. And oh yeah, it seems that he also works for the state of Wisconsin. You tax dollars at work.

In response to a court order in May, Tumblr sent two images to State Division of Criminal Investigation agent Tyler Lange, one showing a prepubescent girl being sexually assaulted by a man and another of a nude girl in a shower.

My question is why was this kind of crap on Tumblr to begin with? Last year Tumblr took the bold and in my opinion correct step of banning self-harm blogs. So why can’t they screen for child porn especially now that Yahoo owns Tumblr. Yahoo has received a lot of bad press in the past for its chat rooms being a haven for pedophiles and sexual predators. When Yahoo acquired Tumblr they said that they were going to leave it alone. I hope that doesn’t mean when it comes to the exploitation of children as well.

Tumblr bans self harm blogs


A New Policy Against Self-Harm Blogs:

Microblogging/social networking site Tumblr has taken a bold move that you would think would be common sense. They’ve recently taken steps to ban blogs that encourage self harm. What is considered self harm you ask? The methods that come immediately to mind for me and Tumblr are sites that encourage anorexia, bulimia, self cutting and suicide. Unfortunately sites like that have been around as long as the internet was commercially available.

Many years ago when I was first starting out as a blogger another blogger who had suffered from eating disorders pointed out these sites to me. They claimed that anorexia and bulimia are lifestyle choices and not the disorders that they are. They would use buzzwords like Ana, Mia and thinspiration to appeal to young girls. I was appalled at this. I thought who could honestly think that willingly engaging in these disorders is a good thing. Now that I’m an older and wiser blogger I know now that there are people out there who are willing to engage in just about any dangerous and hurtful activity and want others to join them.

Back then I tried starting a campaign to get the blogging/social networking sites of the day to ban those types of blogs. I was highly unsuccessful. Sites like LiveJournal defended the practices by claiming that those engaging in those behaviors and encouraging others to join them was a free speech issue as did the Pro-Ana and Pro-Mia communities.

So I applaud Tumble for taking this bold step in not only trying to protect their users but others as well. To those of you crying that somehow your freedom of speech was violated have to remember that Tumblr is a private company and they can regulate the blogs on their servers as they see fit.

Lastly, those of you who engage in these practices as a lifestyle please seek professional help as you are suffering from a sickness.