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Wisconsin pimp trafficked 3 kids on craigslist, traded one


Brown Deer man accused of prostituting 3 minors:

29-year-old Tyrone McMillian, aka ‘HK’ of Brown Deer, Wisconsin has been federally indicted for prostituting three underage girls on craigslist. Two were 17. One was 16 but told McMillan that she was 23. When McMillian found out her real age not only did he keep pimping her out he allegedly gave her to another pimp. That pimp would be the ironman of pimps Todd “King Tut” Carter who is doing his own time for prostituting underage girls on craigslist.

Let’s go over that again. He gave a living breathing human girl to another scumbag who also kept her captive for the most part and sold her for the purposes of sex.

This is real people and it happens every day whether you want to admit or not.

Thanks to Amanda for the tip.