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It was nice while it lasted: The FDA just killed vaping

It was nice while it lasted: The FDA just killed vaping


First off, I’m not one of these guys who goes on about mods or ohms who blows big clouds of vapor while entering vaping competitions. What I am is a man who after 30 years of smoking was able to finally quit after discovering vaping. I tried the patch, nicotine gum, nicotine inhalers and prescription drugs. None of them worked for me as effectively as e-cigarettes and vaping. I started off using national brand e-cigs. Those e-cigs don’t really allow you to gradually wean off of the nicotine like vaping does so I switched to vaping. In the past three years I have not had any cigarettes, not even a cheat smoke. I could not have done that without vaping. I’m not the only person who has done this.

Apparently the FDA had a problem with this many people quitting smoking as this past week they enacted regulations which treats vaping and e-cigarettes the same as tobacco. What does that mean exactly?

That means nearly every e-cigarette on the market — and every different flavor and nicotine level — would require a separate application for federal approval. Each application could cost $1 million or more, says Jeff Stier, an e-cigarette advocate with the National Center for Public Policy Research and industry officials.

Think of your favorite vape store and think of all the flavors they have in all the different nicotine strengths. Each flavor in each different strength would cost a juice manufacturer a million dollars apiece. Your local vape store can’t even begin to afford that. What’s going to be left is juice made by the major tobacco companies. If you’ve ever tried that juice it only comes in one nicotine strength, full strength, and they taste like gasoline and are just as smooth.

So what does the government have to say about killing what is essentially the most successful smoking cessation process?

Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell says, “There are many other cessation tools available.”

Only ones that aren’t as effective. The ones they are talking about, patches, gum and pills, are the ones that are already paying money to the FDA to be on the market.

Let’s not forget about smoking either. This regulation will send too many back to smoking and whether you want to believe it or not that’s what the government wants. They say they’re concerned about people, especially ‘the children’, going from vaping to smoking but this is exactly what they want. The FDA could ban tobacco anytime they wanted. They choose not to because of all the tax money that the government gets from smoking.

So congratulations FDA, you’ve done exactly the opposite of what your organization was intended to do.

Politicians want vaping banned on airlines who already ban it


Politicians really make my head hurt with just how clueless and out of touch they with the American public. Recently seven US Senators, all Dems for those of you that care, called on the Department of Transportation to ban vaping and e-cigs on all US commercial flights. The thing is that all commercial carriers in the US already ban vaping and e-cigs on their flights without government interference.

Why do we need a government ban if there is a private ban already in place? Your tax dollars at work people.

Here’s a list of the Malfeasant Seven…

Signing on to the letter were Barbara Boxer of California, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Tom Harkin of Iowa, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Jack Reed of Rhode Island and Edward Markey of Massachusetts.

I’m not surprised to see Blumenthal on there but where is Senator Jeff Merkley? This is right up his alley. Maybe he’s too busy working on a ban of anything that has a flavor from being carried on a plane.

The MRSA vaping myth spreads like….well….MRSA


San Diego County in California has instituted a public vaping ban in places where smoking is already prohibited. Again, I have no problem with this. Like I’ve said many times before as former smokers we should be used to this. Also as I’ve said before anyone that goes into a place where smoking is prohibited and tries to vape expecting to get hassled is a douchebag, but I digress.

The problem I have is with the local FOX affiliate in San Diego using the very slanted MRSA study as a scare tactic.

A UC study, however, recently concluded that vapor from e-cigarettes trigged defense mechanisms in MRSA, or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, making the already hard-to-kill superbug harder to kill.

At least the Daily Mail had the decency to include in their article that smoking makes MRSA even worse and that you have to catch MRSA in the first place for vaping or smoking to have any relevance.

I’m beginning to wonder when someone is going to make a legit Reefer Madeness type movie about vaping if there isn’t already one.

New York looking to ban vaping indoors, not the city, the state

New York State House in Albany

New York State House in Albany

I love Upstate New York. I was born in Syracuse. I’ve been to Albany on business and loved the area. I was within a fraction of a C.H., as one of my friends used to say, of moving there. So please don’t take this as a personal attack against the entire state but your politicians are a special kind of stupid.

The state government is looking to follow in the footsteps of New York City and making the indoor vaping ban statewide. Now when I say indoor vaping ban I mean in public places like bars and restaurants. I’m pretty sure your home is still safe…for now. As I’ve said previously I have no problem with the ban. Since I’ve been vaping if I have to go to the smoking area to vape I always have people asking how it worked out for me and I’m more than happy to try to sell them on the concept of vaping instead of smoking. What I do have a problem with is when these bans are being instigated by complete bullshit. For example lets hear from Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan).

Joining in Hannon’s fight to curb e-cig use is Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan), who said she personally “felt nauseous” when someone smoked an e-cigarette in her presence.

“Smokers’ rights end when they start affecting nonsmokers,” she said.

Now did she ‘feel nauseous’ due to the expelled vapor from the e-smoker or was it more likely that her smug sensibilities were offended making her figuratively nauseous? I would lay odds that it was the latter and not former.

I guess we’re even then because ignorant and clueless politicians make me nauseous and yes I get nauseous a lot.

Richard Blumenthal compares vaping to Joe Camel

Choose your destiny

Choose your destiny

In my opinion U.S Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) has a history of backing legislation that is only designed to get him elected/re-elected and goes back to at least when he was the Connecticut Attorney General. In the past he has written legislation that does nothing to solve the actual problem but makes people feel like they’re doing something about it. So it’s not surprising that he’s taking a similar stance on vaping.

He’s spouting the usual rhetoric of how flavors specifically market to kids and then goes one step further. He brings up the specter of Joe Camel. For those of you who either didn’t smoke or don’t remember Joe Camel was an anthropomorphic camel that Camel Cigarettes used as a mascot in their print and billboard advertising in the 80s and 90s. The government gave R.J. Reynolds (no relation) Tobacco the smackdown saying they were using a cartoon character to market to kids all because kids could identify Joe Camel. Blumenthal calls vaping the new Joe Camel.

Blumenthal called on the federal government to ban the “despicable” marketing of e-cigarettes and e-hookahs to kids, branding these products “the new Joe Camel.”

The senator brought props to the press conference: packages of “crazy apple,” “strawberry margarita,” and “blueberry blast” disposable “hookahs.”

“All of these flavors should be prohibited,” Blumenthal declared.

In my opinion Blumenthal could not care less about vaping and e-cigs but wants the pear twisters to think he does. It’s how he gets to keep his job or get a new one.

As the article is quick to point out you don’t see Blumenthal calling for a ban of flavored alcohols do you. Or how about a ban on cigarettes all together? Isn’t menthol a flavor?

If this assclown ever ends up in the White House we’ll all be moving out of country just so we can vape.

New York vaping ban shows ignorance of policymakers


New York City’s indoor vaping ban went into effect the other day. As I’ve said before these kind of bans really don’t bother me because as smokers we should be used to having to go outside by now. What does bother me is when these bans are made on foundations of ignorance.

Dr. Thomas Farley, the New York City health commissioner under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, says allowing electronic cigarettes in bars and restaurants would undermine existing bans on tobacco-based products.

“Imagine for a moment you’re at a bar and there are 20 people who are puffing on something that looks like a cigarette and then somebody smells something that smells like tobacco smoke,” Farley says. “How’s the bartender going to know who to tap on the shoulder and say, ‘put that out’?”

Emphasis mine.

Really, so you think that no one can tell the difference between an e-cig or vaping and a tobacco cigarette? How about tap the shoulder of the guy who is flicking ash everywhere or the one whose cigarette keeps getting shorter? Or how about the one that smells like an actual cigarette? Cigarette smoke has a very distinct smell while vaping, if it has any smell at all, is very subtle. Vapor also doesn’t cloud up like cigarette smoke or cling to everything like smoke does.

But what do you expect from a city government that thinks regulating the size of soft drinks solves anything?

Bethany Beach looking to ban e-cigs on beach because smoking


I can understand why smoking is banned on a lot of public beaches. Let’s take the second-hand smoke out of the equation and just focus on the litter alone. Beachside towns spend a lot of money on cleaning up the cigarette butts that are littering our nation’s beaches. I’ll admit, having grown up on the beaches of South Jersey, that I was guilty of that as well. However looking back I remember seeing huge piles of cigarette butts collecting in the dunes.

So again I say, you would think that towns would embrace e-cigs and vaping on the beach as it doesn’t leave any littering behind but Bethany Beach, Delalware, doesn’t think like that. They are looking to ban vaping and e-cigs on their beaches because it looks like smoking.

Vice Mayor Jack Gordon was one of the advocates for the ordinance.

“We’re a family beach,” he said. “And we like to keep things family oriented down here.”

He said the use of e-cigarettes would create an enforcement issue, amongst other problems.

“Part of the problem is with enforcement,” he said. “You don’t know whether someone is smoking an E-Cigarette unless you check it out.”

First off most name brand e-cigs are colored to not look like cigarettes so it would be easy to spot one in the wild and vaporizers look nothing like cigarettes at all. Not to mention that cigarette smoke as that distinct smell and effect while vaping and e-cigs do not. It’s really not that hard to grasp people.

Also, as I predicted, Vice Mayor Gordon is using the specter of marijuana vaping as a bogeyman to ban nicotine vaping on the beach.

He said there was also concern with people using the E-Cigarettes to conceal drugs like marijuana.

Insert exasperated sigh here.

Western Australia: Hand to mouth action = smoking


The government of Australia really hates smoking. They have quite the history when it comes to the fight against tobacco. So you would think that a country that is so adamant against smoking would lovingly embrace the concept of vaping as a way to get smokers to quit. Well, if the Supreme Court of the state of Western Australia is any indication, not so much.

Earlier this month vaping and e-cigs were banned in Western Australia. The Supreme Court used this logic to say that vaping and e-cigs runs afoul of the tobacco legislation…

Then came the controversial Western Australian Supreme Court decision which, on April 10, ruled that if an e-cigarette device involves ”a hand to mouth action” and results in the ”expulsion of vapour”, then it resembles a tobacco product and is therefore illegal.

That’s right folks, the WA Supreme Court basically banned vaping and e-cigs because they look like smoking. As I and many other vapers have said this is the what a lot of the anti-vapers believe.

Here’s the thing, the fact that vaping looks and even feels like smoking is what makes it attractive to smokers and helps them quit. This is why vaping has been more successful for me than any other cessation product.

But yeah, let’s take one of the best features about vaping and use it to make it illegal. If we’re not careful this is what can happen here in the US. Not necessarily an outright ban but so much over-regulation and taxes that it might as well be banned.

San Francisco to regulate vaping for all the wrong reasons


Supervisors propose regulations on electronic cigarettes :

The city of San Francisco is getting ready to introduce legislation that would ban the sale of e-cigs and vaporizers except where regular tobacco products are allowed. The same will go for public vaping as well. Can’t smoke there? Can’t vape there as well. Honestly, I really don’t have a problem with that. Even though vaping doesn’t even remotely produce the same kind of toxic cloud that smoking does the norms will still freak out when a puff drifts their way. Not to mention, for me anyway, that vaping has allowed me to increase the time I can go without nicotine. If I’m out to dinner these days I don’t feel the need to rush outside every 10 minutes. Plus as former smokers we should all be used to being relegated outdoors by now. Here’s the thing though. San Francisco will be enacting these regulations using the same old tired argument we’ve heard over and over again. It’s for the kids.

Supervisor Eric Mar, who has a 13-year-old daughter, said the number of students he hears about smoking in and outside the classroom has grown “exponentially.”

“E-cigarette companies use flavors like cotton candy I think as a hook for a new generation of users, but especially targeting teens and younger people,” said Mar, adding that the legislation is also meant to crack down on illegally selling e-cigarettes to minors.

“Tobacco companies know it’s a wild west out there, so common-sense regulations like ours that treat e-cigarettes like regular cigarettes are important,” he said.

The presence of e-cigarettes in media is “normalizing the smoking after several decades of anti-tobacco work to keep cigarettes out of television ads and magazines,” Mar added.

Again, with the flavors. Look, I’m in my mid 40s and here’s the flavors I have currently, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry Cola and Banana. Adults actually enjoy these flavors. I was just at my vape store yesterday where some guy got blueberry cheesecake flavor. Besides, how many kids nowadays walk down the street chowing on a big carnival sized serving of cotton candy?

Secondly not every e-cig company is owned by a tobacco company. As far as I know the majority of them are not and most places that sell them have signs in their stores indicating that they can not be sold to anyone under 18. I’m not saying that teens are not getting them but I think the horror stories of teen vaping are being horribly overblown.

I’m not going to turn a blind eye to the fact that e-cig companies are trying to get us hooked on their product. That’s what any manufacturer wants to do whether it be fast food or mobile phone apps or what have you. It’s up to us as individuals to decide whether or not we want to engage in these practices. Also what the good supervisors of San Francisco fail to realize is that vaping offers you an out.

As I’ve said I smoked for 30 years. In the 8 months since I’ve been vaping I haven’t even slipped once. I started off vaping at 20mg of nicotine. I eventually went down to 16 then to 11 and now I’m at 6. My next step will be to go to 0mg and then phase it out altogether. In three decades smoking never gave me that opportunity.

So if you’re going to regulate vaping be honest about it. Say you’re doing it for the potential of future taxes because honestly that’s what this is really about. Stop trying to say you’re protecting the kids.