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Facebook vigilantes falsely shame one man, cause death of another

On my personal Facebook I’m always going on about how people shouldn’t just re-share everything they see on Facebook. Facebook has become a dumping ground for every misinformed story and urban legend on the internet. I’m about to show you two examples of why you shouldn’t do that.

First we go to Toledo, Ohio where a man by the name of Chad Michael Lesko was falsely accused of child rape in the following post…


You read that right. That post was shared over 25,000 times. Mr. Lesko and his mother received a number of death threats because of this. However the post was allegedly made because Lesko broke up with a friend of the false accuser. Mr. Lesko even admits that he was molested by his father as a boy and says that he would never go down that road. While Mr. Lesko is trying to piece his life back together Steven Rudderham can no longer do that.

Steven Rudderham

Steven Rudderham

Mr. Rudderham of Hull, England had admonished a 14-year-old girl on Facebook for publicly giving her contact information to a 60-year-old man that she didn’t know. Apparently someone didn’t care for that and posted his name and address on Facebook claiming that Mr. Rudderham was a pedophile. Of course that was shared and re-shared by the Facebook hive mind. Much like Mr. Lesko, Mr. Rudderham had also received several death threats. He was so distraught over the posts and threats that he hung himself in a graveyard.

So stop and think before you re-share that post labeling somebody as a pedophile or danger to children, it may not be true and it may lead to dire consequences. All it takes is a simple Google search to see if it’s true or not. Don’t be just another Facebook follower, be a voice of reason and truth.

Philly Facebook vigilantes claim wrong man is the Kensington Strangler


There’s two reasons why I don’t post the Facebooks or MySpaces of criminals anymore. The first is that they have family and friends listed on their profiles that usually had nothing to do with whatever crimes they have committed.

The other reason is because of stories like this.

In Philadelphia there have been a series of strangulation murders in the Kensington section of the city. Of course the serial killer has been dubbed the Kensington Strangler.

Someone, it’s unknown who at this time, posted on Facebook that a 24-year-old Kensington man was the strangler. With Facebook being what it is it circulated as fact. However it turns out that the guy that the Facebook vigilantes thought was the strangler turned out to be ruled out as a suspect. He wasn’t even considered a suspect by police. People started gathering at his house. No word if they were carrying pitchforks, torches and nooses.

The man was in such fear for his life that called police to come get him so he could get his name cleared. Police were able to clear him through the DNA evidence.

Remember kids, not everything on Facebook is true. And if you have information on a major crime like that call police, don’t post it on Facebook. Let the real police do their job without them having to worry about internet turned real lynch mobs.

Aussie Facebook vigilantes jeopardize bushfire case

Online vigilantes threaten arson case:

Facebook vigilantes from Australia have outed the identity of the alleged arsonist responsible for one of the many bushfires raging through Australia.

There was a protective order in place protecting the identity of 39-year-old Brendan Sokaluk who is accused of killing 21 in a bushfire that he allegedly started. That didn’t stop a group of Facebook users from divulging his identity, likeness and address. Part of the order has been lifted in regards to his name but in Australia you still can’t publish his likeness or address.

Police however are afraid that revealing his identity could put prosecution of Sokaluk in jeopardy by prejudicing a potential jury.

Leave the police do their job people. While I don’t agree with the Australian law it is the law. How would you feel if Sokaluk got off because of something you posted on Facebook?

Vigilante using YouTube to lure pedophiles


Queensland vigilante luring pedophiles on YouTube:

An Australian vigilante is using YouTube in order to lure pedophiles out in the open. Allegedly he poses on YouTube as a 13-year-old boy. The article doesn’t elaborate but it sounds like he uses YouTube to set up meetings with the pedophiles then gets all their personal info to post it to YouTube.

Law enforcement and child advocacy groups are hoping to discourage this kind of activity as it could lead to child molesters getting off of their charges.

To all would be vigilantes out there. You’re not as smart as you think you are and you’re probably doing more harm than good.

Vigilantes and Clowns

Contact Information Posted In ‘Cheerleader’ Beating, Families Seek Protection:

There’s a lot of dumbassery to go around in this article.

First are the internet tough guy vigilantes who thought it was a great idea to post the names and phone numbers of the suspects in the Victoria Lindsay beating to YouTube. To whoever posted the video and the subsequent yahoos who harassed their families, you need to grow up. You’ve stooped to their level. And in the meantime a family who had nothing to do with was harassed in the process. Did it accomplish anything except feeding your basement dwelling internet tough guy ego? That has probably made things worse. It could possibly make a jury more sympathetic to the suspects rather than the victim. So way to go assclowns.

Speaking of assclowns let’s go to one Stephen Schumaker. He’s the only suspect released on bail and acted as one of the lookouts. He doesn’t see what the big deal is…

Schumaker, the only one of the eight arrested to be released from jail, told Local 6 that his family is receiving death threats from all over the United States.

“I don’t see why I’m even in this whole situation,” Schumaker said in an interview for Local 6.

What are you, stupid? You took an active part in a savage beating. It was your job to make sure that no one interrupted it. As the only ‘adult’ in the group you should have known better but obviously your mentality betrays your adult status.

Innocent family harassed

Hundreds Of Callers Harass Wrong Family In Videotaped Beating Case:

Here’s two lessons for you. The first is don’t fall into the mentality of the mob. The second is don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

The phone number that was supposed to belong to the family of Zachary Ashley that was posted on YouTube actually belonged to a different family. So 300 of you made harassing phone calls to a family that had nothing to do with the beating of Victoria Lindsay.

So stop thinking that you’re some badass vigilante or something because you’re not. You’re nothing more than a vandal who can’t think for yourself.

Facebook Vigilantes in Oregon

Facebook Site Prompts Sexual Assault Charges At College:

Every time I make a post about Facebook vigilantism I hear the song “Ghost Riders in The Sky” by The Outlaws in my head.

Anyway Facebook Vigilantes have struck again. This time the vigilantism has crept over our northern border and is now taking place in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

At Lewis & Clark College, in Portland, Oregon a male student who I won’t name was accused of a sexual assault against a female student.

Before even law enforcement caught wind of it a Facebook group targeting him was made. It was later removed.

According to the Information Week article the alleged victim went to the local media and as of the time of IW’s article had still not reported it to police.

Even to her own admission the victim admits she initiated the encounter but then changed her mind.

Let’s just for a second say that her story is true. Personally I’m not buying it but let’s just say it is. By going public with the alleged aggressor’s name not only into Facebook but also into the media she’s probably ruined any chance of him being prosecuted.

Let the law do it’s job people. When you pull stunts like this justice doesn’t get served, it gets turned away at the door.

Canadian Facebook Vigilantes always out their man

Facebook vigilantes identify alleged cat killers:

The Royal Canadian Kilted Facebook Vigilantes have struck once more. I made that name up by the way with heavy influence from Ren and Stimpy.

Anyway this time they’ve published the names of four teenage animal abusers…

In a case of vigilante justice, the identities of four teenage boys accused of killing a cat by putting it in a microwave oven in Camrose, Alta., were posted on a Facebook page on Sunday.

The names of the boys, who were charged with animal cruelty and other offences after allegedly breaking into a home on Dec. 29 and killing the cat, were quickly pulled from the website by police because the accused cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The names had been posted on one of several group pages condemning the boys’ actions and threatening violence, said Sgt. Tony Thomsen.

Now while I think these scumbag animal abusers should be hung by a certain body part the Canadian Facebook Vigilantes have to understand that by posting the offenders name not only are they possibly impeding the investigation but they could be getting themselves in trouble as well.

Now if I was some kind of unscrupulous person I would remind the Canadian Facebook Vigilantes that the Youth Criminal Justice Act doesn’t affect Americans.

Facebook vigilantes ride again

Suspect identified, threatened on Facebook:

Facebook may not be a hotbed of criminal activity like MySpace is but it sure does have its share of dumbasses.

16-year-old Mike Woloshyn was fatally stabbed at a house party in Selkirk, Manitoba.

A memorial Facebook group was started so friends and family can post their thoughts and feelings on his tragic death.

Of course the internet being what it is someone had to go and ruin it.

The 17-year-old suspect in the stabbing was named on the Facebook group which is a major taboo in Canada.

On a linked message board, the 17-year-old accused of killing him is named and users are told the accused “should get stabbed in prison” and anally raped.

The accused “deserves a kick in the balls and a shot in the face,” one user wrote on that message board, which has been shut down.

A photo alleged to be of the accused after a fist fight was also posted.

Thanks to posts like those the Facebook group was shutdown.

And here’s why you shouldn’t do things like that on Facebook in Canada…

A youth accused being named online raises issues of contempt of court and interfering with the administration of justice, said lawyer Jay Prober. Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, young offenders cannot be identified in the media, except under rare circumstances.

This isn’t the first case of Facebook vigilantism that I’ve posted about.

Let the law do their job people. I want to see this scumbag put away as much as the next person but don’t screw things up by pulling stunts like this.

Facebook lynchmob strikes again

Facebook group made false assumption with released sketch:

The Riley County Police Department in the area of Kansas State University released a sketch on Friday of someone wanted for questioning in connection with a serial rapist that has been plaguing the area. A Facebook group called “Catch Him 2007: We Need Your Help!” posted the sketch and stated that the person in the sketch was the actual rapist. One thing leads to another and someone finds a picture on Facebook that resembled the sketch and the guy’s name and picture were posted next to the sketch. Those postings have since been removed.

Not surprisingly police are not happy.

While this individual might have resembled the sketch, Swartz said, sketches are not always perfect representations because they are based on descriptions given to a sketch artist.

“What I don’t want is people thinking this is the rapist and exclude other individuals that may appear suspicious,” Det. Carla Swartz said.

A concerned citizen’s best option is to refer to police information on issues like the alleged rapist, because students easily can cross the legal grounds of libel or harm the reputation of someone who is accused in a public forum, Swartz said.

Leave the sleuthing to the professionals.