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Teens pimped out for weed on Backpage

Baymon and Barnes

Baymon and Barnes

St. Paul men accused of prostituting 2 teen girls:

25-year-old Giorgio J. Baymon and 24-year-old Brandon D. Barnes, both of St. Paul, were arrested for allegedly pimping out two underage girls in nearby Eagan, Minnesota on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

The pair allegedly picked up a 17-year-old girl from her high school and took her to an Eagan motel with a 15-year-old runaway. There they met with some johns from Backpage. Friends of the enterprising pimps were allowed to trade weed for use of the girls. So these girls are someone’s daughters who are being violated in exchange for some blunts.

This is what our society has been reduced to, selling children into sex for drugs while so-called defenders of freedom say that this is a free speech issue for VVM. As I’ve said before the 13th Amendment shouldn’t be sacrificed for the First.

UPDATE 10/14/12: Baymon has pleaded guilty and is looking at 14 years. Once again not enough time for a slave trader.

UPDATE 4/26/2013: Barnes was sentenced to 10 years today and Baymon was sentenced to 14 back in January.

Oregon runaway found on Backpage in Iowa


Des Moines police find missing teen during prostitution sting:

Police in Des Moines, Iowa discovered that a 16-year-old runaway girl from Oregon was allegedly being pimped out on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com. Arrested for this act was 22-year-old Atlantis Carter of Waukegan, Illinois and 24-year-old Erika Hart of Honolulu, Hawaii.

While I’m glad that a 16-year-old girl was hopefully rescued from this kind of life I don’t believe she should have been arrested. She is a victim in all this, she is not a criminal.

As an aside I’m sure Backpage’s mouthpiece Liz McDougall is horrified about this as she cashes her huge paychecks from VVM.

From the mouth of Liz McDougall III

Liz McDougall

Liz McDougall

So what do you think? Should I give Liz McDougall’s picture the Jim Buckmaster treatment?

Girl at another Florida foster home also lured into prostitution:

This article from the Miami Herald is about a 16-year-old girl at a foster home who was lured away and allegedly turned out on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com by Gregory Goellet Hodge Jr. That’s not what I want to talk to you about though. Once again the head legal weasel mouthpiece for Backpage and all around corporate whore, Liz McDougall, has opened up her gaping maw once again about how great Backpage is for stopping the sex trafficking of children.

Liz McDougall, general counsel for Village Voice Media, said the company screens ads in its adult section twice before they go up, once by a computer and once by a person, and a third time after the ads are published looking for signs of illegal activity. Once they’ve been notified of a law enforcement investigation, they immediately cooperate, she said.

In my opinion the ads are probably being screened by a TRS-80, an intern, then left to the non-existent community policing. I wonder how much money it takes to get Liz McDougall to believe her own lies? I can hardly go a week without posting about a minor girl who was being trafficked on Backpage. Just imagine how many more never make it to the news that are being peddled into sexual slavery under the watchful eye of Joey the creepy intern and his 30-year-old computer.

Georgia drag queen killed in botched Backpage robbery

Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams

Nearby Sandy Springs: Man Killed in Dunwoody Contacted Via Backpage.com:

Suspect arrested in slaying of Atlanta drag queen:

Police in Dunwoody, Georgia have arrested 20-year-old Christopher Williams in the shooting death of 30-year-old Roberto Calderon-Guzman. Calderon-Guzman was known around some Atlanta circles as drag queen Noxy Cassandra Calderon. The article from GA Voice seems to insinuate that Calderon-Guzman was advertising on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com as a transsexual sex worker.

Williams is accused of robbing another transsexual sex worker as well. Police say that Williams used the phone of the first victim to set up the meeting with Calderon-Guzman.

Police believe there may be other victims as well…

If you have any further information regarding this incident, please contact Detective Jesus Maldonado at (678)382-6925, or jesus.maldonado@dunwoodyga.gov

I’m not here to trash someone’s lifestyle choice but if you put yourself out there on Backpage for whatever reason you’re opening yourself up to predators and killers. And while Backpage may not have the number of killers that craigslist has racked up over the years they’re slowly starting to catch up.

Des Moines police arrest Backpage lady-trafficker

Maria Jansen

Maria Jansen

Police Arrest Alleged Prostitution Ringleader:

Des Moines police arrest alleged ringleader of prostitution ring:

Police in Des Moines, Iowa have arrested 25-year-old Maria Jansen for allegedly running a prostitution ring on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

As I’m sure you can guess the twist in this story is that police have arrested an alleged female trafficker. It’s a rare occurrence on this site but it dies happen. While female traffickers may be a different stripe of pimp we should refer to them as pimps and not the more romanticized term of madam. They still use similar tactics that are employed by their male counterparts…

“We identified a person who preys on people who are at a bad time in their life,” said Sgt. Chris Scott. “It might be financial issues, it could be other issues and they’re on the edge.”

Just like male pimps female pimps will take advantage of someone’s downfall to sell them into sexual slavery.

Jansen is looking at 15 years behind bars if convicted. Unfortunately due to her gender she would probably serve even less time than the males of her criminal ilk do.

Meanwhile Backpage just continues to count their money they make off of sexual slavery.

Backpage john busted for paying for teen prostitutes

Mickey Cupkie

Mickey Cupkie

Charges: Elko Man Paid for Sex With Teenagers:

36-year-old Mickey Cupkie of Elko, Minnesota was recently arrested for allegedly paying to have sex with two minor girls that were advertised on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

The girls were 16 and 17-year-old runaways. The girls were being investigated by Minneapolis police as victims of sex trafficking and they were able to determine that Cupkie was one of their customers. Police say that he admitted to knowing that the girls were “too young to be engaging in prostitution.” Apparently that didn’t stop him from getting his money’s worth.

This story brings up a few points. First the obvious ones. Backpage’s supposed screening process to keep kids off of their site is obviously not working no matter how much Liz McDougall wants you to think it is. Secondly, let’s call this crime what it is, paid child rape. When you use a child prostitute you’re basically paying to rape them. Lastly, we don’t see nearly enough stories about the johns who are raping these girls. Not only do they need to be named and shamed they need to be given stiff sentences with real jail time. Only when you make the risk not worth the reward will you be able to put a good-sized dent in child sex trafficking.

UPDATE 9/3/2012: Cupkie has pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in November.

Nicholas Morales-Macedo is your latest Backpage rapist

Nicholas Morales-Macedo

Nicholas Morales-Macedo

Silver Spring Man Charged With Sexual Assault:

Man impersonating police officer sexually assaults prostitute in Silver Spring:

Police in Silver Spring, Maryland have arrested 21-year-old Nicholas Morales-Macedo and charged him with allegedly raping a prostitute he got off of the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

Police say that after the woman arrived at Morales-Macedo’s home he produced a rifle and told his victim that he was a Montgomery County police officer. He then ‘made her perform a sex act’ as the article says but let’s call it what it is, rape.

Morales-Macedo is being held on $2M bail. You can’t tell me this is a simple assault with that kind of bond.

I would hazard a guess that this probably wasn’t his first rape rodeo. Not only are rapes severely under-reported I would imagine that not a lot of prostitutes in his victim’s condition would go to the police.

And once again we have the vaunted defenders of free speech at Backpage facilitating yet another rape through their adult section, only this time no money was exchanged.

Backpage child pimp caught in St. Louis

Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson

Illinois man accused of prostituting teen:

22-year-old Richard Anderson of Illinois was recently arrested in St. Louis for allegedly prostituting a 17-year-old girl on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

As is expected in these stories Anderson is another coward who preys on children. According to police reports Anderson started turning the girl out when she was 16 and had been doing for 6 months when Anderson was arrested in a sting operation. Also as usual Anderson is accused of keeping all the money the girl made for himself and one time broke the girl’s nose by punching her in the face after she refused to see a john. Of course Anderson was the one who is said to have placed the ads on Backpage.

Hey Liz McDougall, how are those stringent reviews of the adult ads going. Didn’t you say they’re designed to keep children off of Backpage. And didn’t you recently sue the state of Washington for trying to enforce an ID check for people who post to the adult ads on Backpage.

You’re doing a bang up job of keeping traffickers from victimizing kids on your website. If you keep up the good work you’ll have that trafficking thing licked any day now.

In case you couldn’t tell that was sarcasm.

UPDATE 9/9/2012: Anderson has pleaded guilty and is looking at 20 years.

UPDATE 12/2/2012: Anderson was only sentenced to 5 years and 5 months. Why do these scumbags continue to get light sentences. If a politician’s daughter was turned out on Backpage you can bet that the sentences would be increased then.

Minn. Backpage child pimp sentenced

Samuel Cozart

Samuel Cozart

Man gets 21-year sentence for prostituting underage girl:

39-year-old Samuel Cozart of Columbia Heights, Minn. was sentenced this past week to 21 years in prison for prostituting a 17-year-old girl on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com. In addition to his sentence Cozart will also be on the sex offender registry.

Being the classy guy that he is Cozart would not only trade the girl out for cash but also sold her for meth. And if you think that the girl was a willing participant think again.

Eventually, she broke down and asked for help during the investigation.

Doesn’t sound to consenting does it and there’s no way she’s an adult.

21 years in jail is a good start but if the government was serious about curbing the trafficking of children it should be an automatic life sentence for traffickers and serious jail time for the johns. I’ve said it before if you make the risk greater than the reward than these kids may have a chance. Not to mention it would seriously curtail the millions of dollars that Backpage is making off of these ads.

Backpage has Washington sex trafficking law blocked


Backpage.com sues over Wash. sex-trafficking law:

In the state of Washington law SB 6251 was set to take effect today. The law would require that sites like Backpage and papers like Village Voice Media publications would be required to verify the ages of the people in ‘escort’ ads. (ie, prostitution and trafficking ads)

Village Voice Media and Backpage being the stalwart defenders of the disadvantaged that they are not only sued to have the low blocked, they won, for now. Once again the greedy cowards at VVM hide behind the federal Communications Decency Act. Now I’m no legal expert but the essence of the CDA was to protect site owners from when one of their troll users posted something criminal or inflammatory on their websites. What the CDA never accounted for was website owners making millions of dollars on women and children being forcibly sold into sex slavery. Not to mention that the CDA was passed in 1996. In terms of internet years that was a lifetime ago. That’s when people were still using dial-up to connect to their AOL accounts on 28.8K modems. The internet has evolved so much in that time yet the CDA is stuck in the era of the dancing baby. It’s an archaic law that is in desperate need of a modern upgrade.

Of course we have a quote from Backpage’s new head legal weasel Liz McDougall about how the fine folks at Backpage shit puppies and rainbows…

Company lawyer Liz McDougall said that Backpage is “an online industry leader in working cooperatively with law enforcement to identify, arrest and prostitute…I mean prosecute human traffickers,” and that Washington’s law would force criminal conduct back underground, where it’s harder to track.

“The trafficking of children for sex is an abomination,” she said in a written statement. “I believe aggressive improvements in technology and close collaboration between the online service community, law enforcement and (nongovernmental organizations) is the best approach to fighting human trafficking.”

I may have altered the quote somewhat. Joking aside what she’s really saying is that this law interferes with Backpage and VVM making money hand over fist keeping their dead industry alive on the backs of rape victims. If Backpage were to shut down the adult section it would not make traffickers harder to track and it would decrease their numbers greatly. Backpage may be the leader of online trafficking today but they still don’t come close to the numbers that craigslist had at the height of their involvement in the sex trade. When sites like craigslist and Backpage shut down their erotic/adult sections the number of sex traffickers decrease. The harder you make the threshold of entry higher for traffickers to post online it would greatly decrease their presence.