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Goldman Sachs to unload stake in Village Voice


Goldman fund to exit company owning sex traffic site:

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times has been writing some columns lately critical of Village Voice Media’s and Backpage’s connection to sex trafficking. Recently he discovered that Goldman Sachs has been part owner of The Village Voice since 2000. With that revelation Goldman Sachs has stated they will be dumping their stake in The Village Voice at a substantial loss.

In case you’re wondering it is that Goldman Sachs we’re talking about. One of the most evil financial institutions ever created.

When Goldman Sachs takes the moral high ground not only is it a cold day in hell but it should show Village Voice Media and Backpage just how wrong they are in continuing in the business of selling women and children into sexual slavery.

Son of Village Voice founder calls on backpage to remove prostitution ads


Village Voice Founder’s Son Criticizes Company for Advertisements That Others Can Use for Sex Trafficking of Minors, Joins Groundswell Campaign:

Normally I don’t link to press releases but this one is kind of big. But first a little history lesson.

As I’ve mentioned many times before backpage is owned by Village Voice Media. Before there was VVM there was just The Village Voice newspaper in New York City. That paper was partly founded by journalist, author and playwright Norman Mailer.

Now one of Mailer’s sons, John Buffalo Mailer, is calling on backpage to shut down the adult ads…

“The Village Voice was born out of the desire for an independent media voice for the people, a voice that had the freedom and authority to hold those who abuse power accountable for their actions,” said John Buffalo Mailer.

“While I understand firsthand the financial difficulties facing all print publications today, the fact of the matter is that Village Voice is making money from selling advertisements that others have used to buy and sell minors for sex.””As my father’s son, knowing all of the hopes and dreams that went into the work of creating this particular paper, the Village Voice appears to have lost its way from the days when Dan Wolfe, Ed Fancher, and my father began it,”

Mailer continued. “For the sake of the Village Voice brand and for the sake of the legacy of a great publication, take down the adult section of Backpage.com, before the Village Voice must answer for yet another child who is abused and exploited because you did not do enough to prevent it.”

Mr. Mailer has also joined with the group Groundswell which previously took out a full-page ad in the New York Times to call on backpage to remove the adult ads.

Again how sad is it that the paper who used to fight for the little guy supposedly is now making a huge chunk of change off of the little guy, or in this case little girls?

Kat Stoeffel calls out the Village Voice on their lies again


VVM Admits Underage Prostitution Exists, Maintains It’s Not Their Fault:

The term lies is my choice of words by the way.

Anyway my favorite reporter, Kat Stoeffel of the New York Observer, once again takes The Village Voice and Village Voice Media to task for their propaganda campaign to show that child prostitution on backpage.com isn’t that big of a deal.

She calls into question a Village Voice article written by Kristen Hinman that basically claims that most cases of child prostitution are voluntary.

Let me put it another way in case that didn’t sink in for you. VVM is saying in so many words that the victims of child trafficking are ‘asking for it’.

Also I hate to give away the ending of Ms. Stoeffel’s article but she has a great quote calling the Village Voice’s alleged journalistic ethics into question…

Is journalism that aligns with their business interests still valid?

I would hope that real journalists would say no.

Village Voice says that human trafficking stats are overblown


Women’s Funding Network Sex Trafficking Study Is Junk Science:

This is a short but important post.

The Village Voice is claiming that the study on human trafficking that supposedly caused congress to pressure craigslist to shut down its adult services section were greatly exaggerated.

Now why would The Village Voice have an interest in trying to debunk human trafficking statistics? Could it be because their parent company Village Voice Media owns the new leader in classifieds sites that allows prostitution and human trafficking on its site? I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that backpage.com has raised its rates to place ads on the adult section, which are mostly thinly veiled ads for prostitution.

And who cares if the stats were overblown? If one child or one woman are being trafficked on craigslist or backpage we should all care.

Village Voice only ‘investigated’ this to help better fill their own coffers.