Breeder sexually abuses baby for bondage boyfriend

Enos and McDougald

Couple arrested for sexually abusing a one year old girl:

Mother, N.C. man charged with sexual abuse of 1-year-old:

As I’ve said before on some of my other websites I know a lot of people who are into BDSM relationships. It’s not my cup of tea but it seems to work for most of the couples that I know that are into it. However the couples that I know don’t introduce one of their kids into it.

Not so for 35-year-old Darlene Enos of Charlotte, North Carolina. Police say that she met 41-year-old Vincent McDougald on a bondage website. McDougald is said to have traveled from Laurinburg, NC to Charlotte to meet up with Enos. That’s where they say that McDougald raped Enos’ 1-year-old daughter.

McDougald allegedly admitted to another woman that he met on Yahoo that he did these things to the girl. Luckily the other woman contacted authorities. He allegedly used the screen name of BlkDominNC.

Police say that not only did Enos admit that McDougald raped his daughter but that she took place in the rape as well.

Again I have to ask how does someone ask someone who they barely know to have sex with their child and why in the blue hell would the birth organism say yes? Is your life that fucking empty that you’re in such need of a vag-filler that you would allow him to rape your 1-year-old daughter. Why the fuck would you agree to that?

What ‘they’ should do to her is they should make her feel like her daughter did when she was raped but I doubt they would find anything big enough to be bigger than her gaping maw of a diseased snatch.