BC researchers say school shooters were paranoid not bullied

What mass murderers have in common:

Inside the mind of a mass killer: Intense paranoia drives killers not a detached sense of reality, study finds:


Former reader of this site Kimveer Gill

A group of researchers from the University of British Columbia led by psychologist Donald Dutton recently published a study that said some of North America’s most infamous school shooters committed their crimes out of paranoia and not any actual slight or mistreatment.

The team looked at the writings of killers Eric Harris, Cho Seung Hui, Kimveer Gill, and Anders Breivik. We’re going to leave Breivik alone because he was not a school shooter, the study itself looked at these four as mass killers but I’m only interested in the first three.

Here’s some of what Dr. Dutton had to say…

“They become and remain fixated and obsessed with rejection by what they see as an elite in-group, whom they see as having unfairly achieved success,” Dutton and his colleagues write in a compelling paper just published in the journal Aggression and Violent Behavior. “Instead of transcending the rejection, they formulate plans to annihilate the transgressors, which they justify as vengeance for the transgressions made against them.”

Now let’s see what the cowards in question had to say…

From Gill…

If people were making your life a living hell, wouldn’t you be hurt emotionally? How come no one ever talks about those mother fucking jocks and preps whose fault it is. Oh no. Heaven forbid. We can’t possibly say that. Why does society applaud jocks? I do not understand. They are the worst kind of people on earth. And the preps are no better. They think they’re better than others, but they’re not.

Gill was 25 at the time of the Dawson College shooting and he was still talking about high school stuff. Gill was nothing more than a Harris-worshiper, or as I call them mutants. Friends that grew up with Gill say that due to his size he was not bullied. Gill is nothing more than a copycat.

From Cho…

Your Mercedes wasn’t enough? Your golden necklaces weren’t enough? Your trust fund wasn’t enough? Your vodka and cognac weren’t enough? All your debaucheries weren’t enough?

Cho’s problem wasn’t with jocks but people who he considered ‘rich’. Cho must have been born without a sense of reference because he was going to an expensive university in Virginia Tech, owned an Apple computer, and had enough money to buy at least two new handguns. That’s not exactly poor. Also, Cho mentioned Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in his video manifesto as being ‘martyrs’. Just another copycat like Gill.

Now let’s go to Coward Prime, Eric Harris…

Everyone is making fun of me because of how I look, how fucking weak I am, and shit, well I will get you all back, ultimate fucking revenge here. You people could have shown more respect, treated me better, asked for more knowledge or guidance more, treated me more like a senior, and maybe I wouldn’t have been so ready to tear your fucking heads off. … Same thing with all those rich snotty toadies at my school. Fuckers think they are higher than me and everyone else with all their $ just because they were born into it?

See, he hated jocks and rich kids. Again back in 1999, not everyone had a computer and they were pretty expensive. His cohort Klebold drove a BMW and they both lived in the suburbs. Their families weren’t exactly hurting financially.

Oh, but I hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth already. “Trench, Harris even says that he was made fun of, isn’t that bullying?” To put it bluntly, no. First off if I was just made fun of at school that would be considered a good day. Secondly, since Harris is a paranoid psychopath anything that is said to him he could consider being made fun of. Lastly, please allow me to expound on a theory that I put out there a few years ago.

Here’s what I think set Harris off. Harris wanted to be with the in-crowd so much that it hurt. When he approached someone from the so-called in-crowd he was either rejected outright or he perceived that he was being slighted by them. I think that one incident like this is what set Harris off. The fact that he was already engaging in anti-social criminal behavior probably didn’t help.

I also think that Cho and Gill probably had some type of similar situation that was a flashpoint for them as well which made them easily identify with Harris hence the copycats. None of them were bullied.

Dr. Dutton says as much…

Overall, this analysis suggests many of the media’s cliches regarding mass killers appear to be wrong. They were bullied? “This group greatly exaggerates the negativity of their treatment, as reported by third-party school peers,” the researchers note, adding that their writings contain few references to specific experiences of being a bullying victim.

Yet with all the evidence against them and other school shooters being bullied lesser minds will still contend that is the real reason behind school shootings rather than paranoid jealousy of megalomaniacs.

You too could own Cho’s calculator


Va. Tech killer Cho’s calculator for sale, renewing debate on ‘murderabilia’:

So some scumbag who owns a scumbag website has gotten a hold of a Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus calculator that was once owned by Virginia Tech gunman and ultimate coward, Cho Seung Hui. It can be yours for a mere $3,700. Cho sold the calculator on eBay in order to buy guns and ammo for his cowardly bloodbath.

In my opinion murderabilia should be spoken in the same terms as child porn. Outside of a museum or an educational setting these murder junkie trophies have no intrinsic value.

You can tell me about how the people who buy this stuff work at soup kitchens and love puppies but you’d be full of crap. We all know the type of cretin that buys this stuff. The loser who thinks he’s some kind of pseudo-badass whose best days are years behind him. Kind of like this guy I used to go to high school with who would talk way too much about Charles Manson. These people are nothing more than murder groupies who will use their death trinkets to try to impress the teenagers that hang out with them.

Virginia Tech police officer shot and killed

Ross Truett Ashley

Ross Truett Ashley

Virginia Tech: Ross Truett Ashley named as gunman:

I’m sure by now that most of you heard about the murder of a Virginia Tech police officer yesterday. For those of you who may not have heard Virginia Tech Police Officer Deriek Crouse was shot and killed in his police cruiser during a traffic stop. The gunman was not part of the traffic stop. Officer Crouse left behind a wife and five children.

What makes his death even more pointless was the gunman, 22-year-old Ross Truett Ashley. Ashley allegedly carjacked an SUV the day before and drove it to the Virginia Tech campus. For some reason he killed Officer Crouse by walking up to his police cruiser and opening fire on him. Investigators say that Ashley then changed some of his clothes and shortly after being seen by another officer Ashley took the cowards way out by killing himself.

It’s been said that Ashley did not know Officer Crouse so the only motive I could possibly think of is that Ashley was so paranoid because of the carjacking that he shot Officer Crouse to somehow evade arrest. Then rather than taking responsibility for his actions he killed himself.

Now because of a selfish petty criminal five children no longer have a father.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Officer Crouse.

Cho’s moronic play performed in The Netherlands

Script by shooter Seung-Hui performed:

Some theater group in The Netherlands performed the play “Richard McBeef” that was poorly written by Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung-Hui. I dare you to read it and not get a migraine from it.

Anyway if you think that the group performed the play was trying to teach some lesson forget it.

The theater group calls school shootings “acts of social resistance.”

No, they are acts of mass murder pure and simple.

Cho’s mental records released

Virginia Tech statement on the release of Cho mental health records:

The psychiatric records of Cho Seung Hui were released by Virginia Tech after receiving permission from Cho’s family.

If you really need to see them they’re here and here. (PDF files)

Personally I didn’t see anything in them that we didn’t already know. Unless I missed it the records do not contain why Cho’s court ordered psychiatric treatment was never followed up on. To me that’s the big question in all of this.

Cho’s mental records found

Va. Tech Shooter’s Mental Files Turn Up:

Removal Of Cho’s File Called Accidental:

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the mental records of Virginia Tech coward Cho Seung Hui have turned up.

Former director of the counseling center at Virginia Tech claims he inadvertently packed them away with his personal files when he started a new position elsewhere on campus.

Supposedly the records are relevant to see if the counseling center followed up on the court ordered treatment of Cho. In my opinion only if they planned on having Cho committed would the massacre have been prevented. Something tells me that probably wasn’t going to be a part of his treatment plane.

Cho e-mails released

Va. Tech Campus Paper Posts E-mails To and About Gunman Online:

The Virginia Tech student newspaper, The Collegiate Times,has made public e-mails concerning Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung Hui. The e-mails were originally released only to the families of the victims and Collegiate Times editor-in-chief David Grant won’t say how the paper came to be in possession of them. Some are criticizing the Times for making these public stating it’s disrespectful to the families but the Times has not made any family information publicly available.

The e-mails between Cho and Virginia Tech faculty can be seen here. E-mails between faculty members about Cho can be read here.

In my opinion there really isn’t anything new in these e-mails that we didn’t already know. They further show just how selfish Cho was and how he blamed his failures and shortcomings on others.

He had trouble speaking in public yet he chose to become an English major. He was failing some of his courses but he blamed that on the professors. The professors offered him every opportunity to help him bring his grades up but he kept wanting to do things his way. They offered him advice on how to get over his problems with public speaking. They were legitimately concerned about his mental health. No one can say that Cho was a victim.

He lived his life the same way he took so many others. An egotistical and selfish punk who thought it was all about him with no regard for anyone else but himself.

Cho’s broken dream

Killer’s Parents Describe Attempts Over the Years to Help Isolated Son:

I feel bad for the parents of Cho Seung-Hui. According to the article it seems that they did everything they possibly could for their son. But that’s not what I’m here to discuss.

The part of the article I want to discuss is what his sister thinks may have been his motive…

Although the panel said neither it nor the police had uncovered a motive for Cho’s rampage, his sister provided a key piece of the puzzle. Cho began his college career as a business information technology major but, by the time he was a sophomore, decided to switch to English, which was one of his weakest subjects. Nevertheless, he was convinced that he could be a great writer. He had written a novel, which he described to teachers as “sort of like Tom Sawyer except that it’s really silly and pathetic,” the report said.

Later that year, after his sister found a rejection letter from a New York publishing house, she noticed that he became increasingly depressed and detached. His English grades ranged from B’s to D’s, and his rage grew as he felt no one understood him or his talent.

If you’ve been following this like I have you’ve read Cho’s writings. I wouldn’t exactly call what he had “talent”. It just comes down to more selfishness and arrogance from a deranged lunatic. Over 30 people dead because this assclown couldn’t form a coherent sentence If you spotted him the noun and the verb.

if you’re one of those types that thinks the world doesn’t recognize your “talent” try a new craft because it’s obvious that you suck.

Virginia Tech Panel’s Report

Report: Virginia Tech could have saved lives:

So the long-awaited report from Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine’s eight member panel about the Virginia Tech massacre was finally delivered from on high. What does it tell us? A bunch of nothing that we didn’t already know.

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia Tech failed to properly care for a mentally troubled student gunman and waited too long to warn faculty and students after he killed his first two victims in a shooting spree that eventually claimed 31 more lives, including his own, a panel’s report concluded.

Let me interrupt just for a second? Why was it VT’s responsibility to “properly care” for Cho. As far as I can recall VT did all they could to help him. It was up to Cho help himself but he obviously didn’t do that.

Had university officials not waited more than two hours to tell the campus about the initial shootings, lives could have been saved when Seung-Hui Cho later began his massacre inside a classroom building, according to the report, released Wednesday night.

I can’t argue with that but I said that when it first happened.

“Warning the students, faculty and staff might have made a difference,” the panel wrote. “So the earlier and clearer the warning, the more chance an individual had of surviving.”

But the report concluded that while swifter warnings might have helped students and faculty, a lockdown of the 131 buildings on campus would not have been feasible.

And while the first message sent by the university could have gone out at least an hour earlier and been more specific, Cho likely still would have found more people to kill, the report found.

“There does not seem to be a plausible scenario of a university response to the double homicide that could have prevented the tragedy of considerable magnitude on April 16,” the report said. “Cho had started on a mission of fulfilling a fantasy of revenge.”

So basically what they’re saying is even if the campus was notified of the original murders Cho would have still killed a lot of people just maybe some different people. And it took them 4 months to come this conclusion? I’m glad I’m not a Virginia taxpayer.

The whole boring report can be found here.

Then why was he there?

Cho Advised Not to Attend Big School:

In a conference call to wounded victims and their families of the Virginia Tech massacre the panel investigating the attack said that Cho Seung Hui was advised not to go to a large school like Virgina Tech.

That was a key revelation in a private teleconference to brief injured students and their families on a report by a panel investigating the attacks, said Derek O’Dell, who was of the 23 injured in the April 16 attack that left 33 dead, including Cho.

A separate call was held later with families of the deceased, hours before the public release of the report Thursday.

“It was recommended that he not apply to school as big as Virginia Tech because he had selective mutism and also ongoing psychiatric needs that a big university probably wouldn’t address as well,” O’Dell said.

What I’d like to know is how did this barely functioning troglodyte (Cho) even get into Virginia Tech? After reading his “plays” and hearing about all his alleged mental difficulties it makes one wonder how he wasn’t a complete drooling idiot.