Tacoma man accused of three rapes of teens, one of whom he met on Snapchat

Tacoma man accused of three rapes of minors, at least one victim he met on Snapchat

(Story broke 5/5/2017)

27-year-old Antoine Joseph Perry of Tacoma, Washington, is accused of allegedly raping three teens in three separate 2016 incidents. In the first case, he is said to have kidnapped an 18-year-old woman at gunpoint, forced her into his car and raped her in an apartment.

In the Snapchat case, Perry, using the screen name FreeGameAP, reportedly met a 15-year-old girl on the photo sharing app and was chatting with the girl for months before showing up at her house late at night. He brought her fast food, like the stereotypical guy from To Catch a Predator, except he didn’t want to just ‘hang out’. When the girl got in his car Perry is said to have touched her inappropriately and when she protested he choked and raped her. This was long before Snap Maps was added as a feature.

In the last known instance, Perry is said to have met another 15-year-old over an unnamed social media platform. He picked up the girl from where a friend of hers was babysitting. He pulled over saying he couldn’t find his phone and when the girl got out to help him look for the phone, he choked and raped her too.

Thankfully, Perry is currently being held without bond.

With the two social media related rapes, it makes me wonder if Perry posed as someone younger than himself. That’s a common trick used by online predators to gain the confidence of their victims and I would hope these girls wouldn’t knowingly get into a car with a man close to his 30s.

As a parent, not only should you be monitoring your kids’ online activity on all of their devices, but you should also explain to them just because someone who says they’re a teenager or they’re harmless doesn’t make it so. When a minor becomes friends with a stranger online, it’s almost like they’re playing Russian Roulette with six bullets.

Who watches the watchmen?: Kik kreeper cop told girl to stop crying in pictures

Who watches the watchmen?: Kik kreeper cop told girl to stop crying in pictures
Chris Wilbanks

Chris Wilbanks was a Sergeant with the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina. That was until he was arrested for allegedly using the mobile messaging app Kik in order to extort explicit pictures from an 11-year-old girl from Washington.

Using the screen name of ‘Redneck Rick’, Wilbanks is said to have posed as a 14-year-old boy who went to the victim’s school.

Wilbanks asked the girl for photos of her wearing athletic apparel and a swimsuit. Eventually, Wilbanks asked for nude photos of the girl, court records state.

The girl refused at first, but Wilbanks told her he would show the photos to other people unless she sent more, according to the court records.

Court records indicate the girl was visibly upset and crying in several of the images. Wilbanks told her not to look so upset and to smile, according to those records.


Police in Washington were alerted to the messages by the victim’s mother. Homeland Security then became involved in the investigation, which led to the arrest of Wilbanks.

If there is anything lower than a pedophile it has to be someone who’s entrusted to defend the public who’s also a pedophile. Let’s also not forget that no 11-year-old needs to be on Kik, not only becuause Kik’s terms of service require their users to be older, but also because Kik is a hive of sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors. All your kids need to be on Kik is a phone or tablet and a wi-fi connection.

UPDATE 2/11/2017: This past Thursday, Wilbanks was ordered to remain in custody after he allegedly destroyed evidence. He also cried in court. Authorities say that he also communicated with his victim on Kik while on duty.

He’s looking at 15 to 30 years behind bars.

Woman stabs craigslist date in order to become a serial killer and eat his heart

24-year-old Amy Brown of Edmonds, Washington, was arrested for allegedly stabbing her craigslist date in the chest. While the pair laid in a Lynwood, Washington, hotel bed, Brown reportedly kept asking her date if he was a serial killer. When he gave his last reply of ‘no’ Brown replied that she was a serial killer, and stabbed her victim in the chest. The wound was not fatal and the victim was able to escape to a nearby drug store.

When police caught up with Brown in the parking lot of the motel she reportedly told police that she was a ‘loon’ and wanted to be a serial killer. She is also said to have told police that she wanted to kill the man in order to eat his heart.

Sadly, Brown is not the first person to try to use craigslist as their own personal killing ground. A serial killer on Long Island is still at large, and they’re suspected of using craigslist in order to kill several women that advertised as prostitutes on the website.

“Craigslist: The place where serial killers are born.” Great selling point you have there.

Backpage sued by victims of child sex trafficking in four different states

Backpage sued by victims of child trafficking in four different states

Five separate underage victims who claim that they were trafficked on Backpage for sex are suing the embattled website in four different states. The victims, ranging in ages from 14 to 16 at the time of the crimes, have filed suits in California, Texas, Washington and Alabama. Previous lawsuits like this have been defeated in the courts because of the Communications Decency Act of 1996. However, since the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations found that Backpage allegedly edits the ads to make the victims appear of age, that could make their CDA defense precarious.

The only people who Backpage really listens to are dead Presidents, so hurting them financially really is the best way to put them out of the sex trade business, and yes, they are still making money from sex trafficking ads.

Ore. suspect wanted to kidnap and kill Backpage prostitute

Ore. suspect wanted to kidnap and kill Backpage prostitute

34-year-old Jamin L. Harris of Oregon, was arrested yesterday in Richland, Washington, for allegedly firing off a rifle round in a local motel. The reason Harris fired off the shot was to allegedly intimidate the 26-year-old prostitute he got from Backpage into going to the Bend, Oregon area with him. Harris is said to have gotten into a dispute with the victim over payment, but was intent on kidnapping the woman then killing her once they got near Bend. He sounds like either a serial killer in the making, or a serial killer who’s been lucky up until now.

Those who are proponents of prostitution like to claim that websites like Backpage make it safer for women to engage in sex work. My opinion is that Backpage has the opposite effect. It literally delivers the victim for any potential predator or killer right to their door. If anything Backpage just makes it easier for these cretins to find victims.

Who watches the Watchmen? Another Kik kreeper cop

Who watches the Watchmen? Another Kik kreeper cop

Earlier this month 54-year-old Oak Harbor, Washington, police officer, John Little, was charged in Federal Court for allegedly receiving child porn through the mobile messaging app Kik. Reports say that Little received explicit images from a 13-year-old girl in New Mexico who was said to be sending out the images of her own volition. I can hear the ‘entrapment’ birds already. However, not only could Little have rejected the alleged offer for pictures, he didn’t have to allegedly send the girl pictures of his junk in return. He also reportedly admitted to the FBI that he knew the girl was underage.

This was a man who had been a police officer for almost 30 years. While police are human and are prone to mistakes themselves, they do need to be held to a higher standard since they are the ones who we are entrusting to help protect our children from such predators.

Also, this should serve as another reason why parents need to observe their kids’ smart phone or tablet activity when it comes to Kik. No parent wants to find out that their teenager is sending out explicit images to middle-aged strangers.

Fake craigslist ad offering kids for sex receives 1,000 responses

Fake craigslist ad offering kids for sex receives 1,000 responses

Police in the state of Washington, received over a thousand responses after posting ads on craigslist that purported to be offering children for sex. One of the ads was entitled “New to Spokane. Young fam fun.” Out of those thousand responses police managed to arrest 40 people who were looking to basically rape children. Only two of those arrested were registered sex offenders. Even a married couple was arrested where the husband allegedly claimed that his wife had fantasies of having sex with a child but never had the opportunity.

The number of responses to these fake ads show that there are obviously real ads on craigslist where children are being traded for sex. It is well within craigslist’s power to do something about these ads but they continue to fail to do so. Not only are there software solutions to this problem, but there are companies that specialize in moderating this kind of content. In the past craigslist has banned ads for unlocked iPhones when that was still frowned upon but continues to do nothing about the obvious sexual predators that inhabit their site.

The problem is that even with all the bad publicity that craigslist receives for being a blatant repository for the child sex trade, it hasn’t cost the company any money. People still continue to use the site supporting it financially and unfortunately I don’t know what it would take to get people to stop. If child rape isn’t enough to make them quit then I don’t know what is.

Craigslist creeper caught on bike near Canadian border

Craigslist creeper caught at Canadian border

39-year-old Christopher Johnston of Ferndale, Washington, was recently arrested for allegedly soliciting sex from a 12-year-old girl he met through craigslist. Johnston is said to have placed an ad on craigslist that said he was looking for a “young lady to spoil.” Johnston was caught near the Canadian border on his bicycle. He was reportedly on his way to meet the girl in Abbotsford, British Columbia. According to Google maps that’s a 30 mile jaunt on a bike. Why is it that a lot of these guys never seem to have cars? As you can probably tell the 12-year-old girl was actually an undercover investigator.

Once again the police are doing the job that craigslist should be doing but since they refuse to monitor their own site incidents like this will continue. Not to mention again that the so-called community police of craigslist are largely useless.

UPDATE 1/29/2017: Johnston was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to attempted travel to engage in illicit sexual conduct.

3 WA teens accused of raping girl and broadcasting it on Snapchat


Three teens from Lakebay, Washington, ages 13. 14, and 17, are accused of allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl. The trio reportedly got the girl drunk in a shed on property of the victim’s family. Once the girl lost consciousness they are said to have tied her legs with an electrical cord and dragged her around the shed before raping her. They are also said to have burned a smiley face on to her body using a lighter. Video clips and still images of the attack were taken and sent out over Snapchat.

I’m not exactly sure what the Washington state law is when it comes to charging these little bastards as adults but they should be. If you don’t believe they should let me leave you with some additional information about their depravity…

When the mother approached the shed, she saw the 13-year-old and 17-year-old leap out a window and run. The 14-year-old was still inside the shed.

The victim was curled on the floor, half naked and covered in blood. Her sweatpants had been ripped off.

The day after the assault, the 13-year-old and the 17-year-old ran into the mother of the victim at a coffee shop and stopped to ask how her daughter was.

The older boy told the mom “that if he got in trouble for what happened in the shed, he would go after her family and he would kill her,” documents state.

So what’s a little witness intimidation on top of a rape that was broadcast all over the internet? These are not boys being boys but boys committing one of the most personally violating crimes one could commit. Charge them as adults, convict them and put them away for the rest of their lives.

Man accused of Backpage rapes in Tacoma


22-year-old Anthony Antonio Hayes is accused of allegedly raping and robbing two prostitutes in Tacoma, Washington, that he met through Backpage. He recently had his bail set at $5 million.

A woman told police Nov. 23 that a man raped and robbed her at a motel in the 2100 block of South 48th Street.

She initially said she had just met the man and brought him to her room, where he pulled a razor knife and held it to her neck as he raped her. She said she met the man through a dating website, but eventually told police she was an escort, and that they’d met through Backpage.com.

Another woman told police she was attacked Jan. 9 at a motel near Tacoma Mall Boulevard and South 66th Street.

She said she was a prostitute, and that she set up a meeting that night with a man who responded to her ad on Backpage.com.

Once inside the room, he put a folding knife to her throat and said: “We can do this the easy way or hard way,” and asked where the money was.

The woman said she didn’t have any, and he started to take off her clothes. That’s when she gave him the $70 she had on her, and he proceeded to rape her, holding a knife to her stomach with one hand, and choking her with the other.

Hayes was later arrested in Gulfport, Mississippi, where he was allegedly robbed another Backpage prostitute at gunpoint.

No woman deserves to be raped regardless of their profession whether or not that profession is legal or illegal. However some sex workers will try to tell you that site like Backpage make it safer for them than walking the streets. That is inherently false as not only do these attacks continue through Backpage but it makes it easy for rapists to have their victims delivered to them like they were ordering a pizza,