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Backpage pimp accused of raping 15-year-old girl

Charge: Kent man pimped runaway girls in Seattle, Portland:

Auburn man faces pimping charges in connection with 15-year-old girl he met in Kent:


43-year-old Nathan Bonds was arrested back in June for allegedly pimping out a 15-year-old runaway girl on Backpage in the SeaTac and Portland, Oregon, areas. If that’s not repulsive enough Bonds allegedly raped the girl after first meeting her. Bonds then turned out the girl and a friend hers plus another woman on Backpage. I could go into more detail but why bother? I’d just be repeating every other child prostitution story involving Backpage I’ve ever posted. Pimp meets underage runaway, pimp rapes runaway, pimp turns out runaway on Backpage, repeat ad infinitum.

Outside of law enforcement no one is doing anything about this. Countless women and girls are being forced against their will into the business of sexual slavery. Human trafficking is so profitable to criminals because the resources, human beings, are constantly renewable.

Backpage continues to make millions of dollars from the advertisements of sexual slaves and cower behind the First Amendment. Lawmakers either refuse or are too ignorant of what’s going on to make amendments to the Communications Decency Act of 1996 that protects Backpage. Is Backpage’s so-called right to freedom of speech more important to the freedom of the women and children that are being peddled on their website?

My greatest hope is that someone will read this and join the cause to fight against the sexual slavery that’s being promulgated by Backpage.

Craigslist nanny accused of multiple child rapes

Craigslist nanny from University Place accused of raping children:

Craigslist nanny accused of child rape:


26-year-old Jonathan Michael Harris of University Place, Washington, advertised his services on craigslist as a nanny. He’s also been arrested for allegedly raping multiple children. This should not be a shock to anyone.

One mother who hired Harris says that Harris touched her son’s genitals and showed him explicit pictures from his cell phone. That mother went to the woman who recommended Harris to her. She went to her 8 year-old son and asked him about Harris and the boy said that Harris took him to a ‘naked party’ with other children.

Police searched Harris’ home and allegedly found multiple images of child porn including pictures of the 8-year-old.

I’m not trying to blame the victims’ mothers here but why would anybody hire a male nanny off of craigslist off all places? You might as well just pick a name at random off the sex offender registry and have better luck. Are people out there so ignorant to the world around them that they still believe craigslist isn’t rife with child molesters?

It shouldn’t take the rapes of children for this to become common knowledge.

11-year-old brings gun, knives and 400 rounds of ammo to school because of The Myth

Washington boy brought gun, knives to school to defend bullied friend: police:


A few weeks back an 11-year-old boy allegedly brought a .22 caliber handgun, some knives and 400 rounds of ammunition to Frontier Middle School in Vancouver, Washington. The boy is said to have told police that a voice in his head was telling him to kill and that he would have shot his target then shot himself in the head.

I’m sure that too many people out there think that this kid must have been bullied. Actually no. However his friend was. He said that another student had called his friend gay and that’s when he allegedly plotted the shooting scheme. Luckily the kid’s mother was attentive enough to realize that her son may have taken weapons to school and notified police.

This is what happened when you let knee-jerkers and pearl twisters dictate the media’s outlook and social policy, too many weak-minded people start believing the false notions that are put out there. Such as that school shooters were bullied. Most weren’t and as a matter of fact most of them were bullies themselves.

When you spread misinformation it will come back to haunt you.

Washington Waitress busts MeetMe Molester

Man charged with raping 13-year-old he met online:

Waitress explains what tipped her off to soldier accused of child rape:

Glen Winans

Glen Winans

First it’s nice to see two separate articles calling this crime for what it is, rape. Not sexual assault, not had sex with, but rape.

Anyway 47-year-old Glen Winans was arrested in Lakewood, Washington for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl who he met through MeetMe. However he wasn’t busted in the usual way these scumbags get caught.

Winans was serving overseas in Afghanistan when he met his victim on MeetMe. The girl allegedly told him that she was 15. Still under the age of consent in Washington and the rest of the country. Police say that after he returned stateside he met the girl and took her back to his place where they ‘had sex’ (child rape) multiple times.

Now normally in these cases the parents find out who call police who then set up some kind of sting. Not Winans though. He was tripped up by a good old-fashioned PDA noticed by an observant waitress where the pair were eating…

“You can tell when a father is holding his daughter’s hand,” Attinello said. “I saw a very young, innocent girl that just did not know any better.

“He was holding one hand and rubbing the top of her hand with the other hand. That’s when i knew this guy was with this girl romantically. I could not believe that,” she said.

The waitress called police and the victim is said to have admitted to police the acts that Winans is accused of. When Winans was questioned by police they say he responded to the charges by saying…

Winan denied having a sexual relationship with the victim, but told detectives that he did not like women in their 30s and 40s because they are typically out of shape and overweight.

So then date someone in their 20s and not someone who is under the legal age of consent.

Oh and let’s cue the pedo-defending scum who always seem to end up in the comments section of these articles.

Posted by netacoma2003 at 5:08 a.m. Oct. 29, 2013

Am I the only person here that sees she is a big girl and having consensual sex? Sure she is “a minor” but there was no amber alert issued (which they issue one for about anything anymore) and the parents didn’t object.


You’re not the only one but the rest of the ones that do see it that way are creepers just like you and your buddy.

Some cultures also use a bolt gun on the cranium of pedophiles. Or at least they should. And possibly on this girl’s parents as well.

Craigslist creepers say the darnedest things

TV-style predator sting catches 2 suspects:


Back in June police from Snohomish County and Everett, Washington arrested two men during a craigslist sting where police posed as an underage girl.

One man was arrested is 47 band says he was just there to ‘talk to the girl’. Supposedly this was the same man who had placed an ad looking for ‘young women’ who wanted to lose their virginity.

The other suspect is 51 and he was allegedly looking for a ‘young girl’ to get pregnant. His defense was that he wasn’t wearing his glasses while exchanging messages with the girl and must have mistaken 16 for 18.

I’m surprised none of them said they were just there to hang out.

This is your user base craigslist.

Lady Thug charged with being Backpage child pimp


Charge: ‘Lady thug’ pimped kids in Kent, Seattle:

I would assume that most people think of pimps and sex traffickers as men but women can be pimps and traffickers too, in some cases they’re even more vicious than their male counterparts. Sometimes they are romanticized by referring to them as madams but there is nothing matronly about them.

Take 20-year-old Jacqueline Pamela Oliver of Seattle, the accused pimp with the phrase ‘Lady Thug’ tattooed on her leg. She’s been charged with prostituting at least two underage girls, ages 15 and 16, on Backpage in the Seattle area. She was turning out the girls while keeping all their money. She was supposedly even living in a motel with the 16-year-old as her ‘girlfriend’. See, female pimps can just be predatory as the men.

Do you know who else made money off of these underage girls? Backpage, of course. They say that have a ridiculous amount of safeguards in place but as far as I can tell they’re not working very well. Like they care.

WA craigslist creeper says he was a ‘virgin collector’

Police: Man ‘collecting virgins’ solicited sex from 15-year-old girl:

Thomas Hicks

Thomas Hicks

The guy in the striped pajamas over there is 47-year-old Thomas Hicks of Maple Valley, Washington. Police in nearby Everett, Washington say that Hicks posted a craigslist ad allegedly looking for sex from underage girls. In fact they say that the ad said “Collecting Virgins m4w – 45 (Auburn).”

Everett police posed as a 15-year-old girl and corresponded with Hicks. In case you were wondering what Hicks’ intentions may have been police say that one of his messages contained the following…

When asked what he wanted to do, Hicks reportedly responded, “I would love to make it real good for you…taking my time…making sure you thoroughly enjoy yourself.”

Police arranged a meeting with Hicks at a local apartment where Hicks was arrested. At the time of his arrest Hicks allegedly used the ‘just hanging out’ defense used by so many people profiled on To Catch A Predator. He also claimed that he previously met housewives through the ad and meant college age when he said ‘younger’. Right. The odds of finding a college aged virgin housewife on craigslist are slim to none and Slim just left. Also considering the way his ad was worded I doubt this was his first time only his first time being caught.

Still, predators will continue to use craigslist to find new victims until craigslist itself is willing to step up and actually do something about it. See the previous paragraph on the odds of that happening.

Washington State enacts new Backpage law


Inslee Passes New Penalties for Online Minor Sex Ads:

The State of Washington show once again why they’re in the forefront of trying to put a stop to the online sex trafficking of children.

Last week Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill into law that would fine someone $5,000 to anyone caught advertising *Cough*Backpage*cough* a child for sex online. Instead of going after Backpage directly, which his predecessor Gov. Chris Gregoire tried but the law was blocked, Gov. Inslee is targeting the pimps and traffickers.

That’s a great strategy but I have one question. Is $5,000 a big enough fine to make the risk greater than the reward? I don’t think it is. A lot of these pimps can make this kind of money in a night. In my opinion $50,000 would make more of a dent in their blood soaked wallets.

While Governor Inslee is taking a step in the right direction I don’t think he and the Washington legislature have taken a big enough step.

Backpage child pimp busted. Yes, it was in Washington


Man busted for selling minors as prostitutes on Backpage.com:


The FBI recently arrested 22-year-old DeMarquez Xavier Austin, aka ‘Chaos’, for allegedly prostituting two girls, ages 15 and 16, on Backpage in King County, Washington.

According to reports Austin knew exactly what he was doing by turning out the girls. He allegedly said “he could get into serious trouble for pimping out a teenager.”

So if the FBI is on these cases why are these arrests hardly ever reported outside of the state of Washington? As I’ve mentioned before Washington has been very on the ball about trying to get Backpage to stop participating in sex trafficking trade so it would make sense that it would be reported in Washington. Yet rarely do we hear about these arrests in other parts of the country. These stories need to be heard. People need to know that child sexual slavery is going on in all parts of our country and Backpage needs to be held accountable for making it so easy.

Tacoma man pimped out teen girl on Backpage for love

Love is blind and often brain damaged.

Love is blind and often brain damaged.

Tacoma man, teen girlfriend charged with prostituting teen on Backpage:

21-year-old David Diaz of Tacoma, Washington and his 16-year-old *ugh* girlfriend were arrested by police in Lakewood, Wash. for allegedly prostituting another 16-year-old girl on Backpage. Diaz allegedly told police that he did it out of love.

The girl was allegedly turned out at least 75 times by Diaz and his squeeze. The girl knew Diaz’s girlfriend from school. The girlfriend allegedly recruited the girl for Diaz.

Diaz had only been dating the girl for two months and claims that she came up with the idea.

Diaz told police he met his girlfriend two months ago and she started talking about prostituting girls to make money. He claimed he was only paid $20 per “date” and his girlfriend gave him gas money for driving the victim to various motels.

“The defendant admitted he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he tried to make (his girlfriend) happy because he loved her,” according to documents.

I remember being young and stupid thinking that I loved someone after an incredibly short period of time together. But no matter how stupid I was I would have never agreed to something as degrading as prostituting my girlfriend’s friend. What the hell are kids thinking these days?

Also this another story out of the Sea-Tac area. The only region where it seems these stories are being reported anymore. Ever since that Backpage allegedly split from Village Voice Media it seems like that we’ve gone back to square one in trying to raise awareness on how Backpage is making money off of the exploitation of these women and children. Where’s CNN? They seemed to be so hot on the topic when it was craigslist but now nothing? The same goes for 48 Hours when there was the ‘craigslist killer’ Philip Markoff. Yet nothing about an underage girl who was sold for sex 75 times. Sad.