Wichita man shot during OfferUp robbery

Wichita man shot during OfferUp robbery

A 19-year-old man from Wichita, Kansas, was shot in the shoulder recently during an OfferUp sale of shoes. Two men are said to have driven up to the victim’s home and the victim got in the men’s car. After money was exchanged one of the suspects drew a gun in a robbery attempt. In the ensuing struggle, the victim was shot in the shoulder. He was able to escape and call 911. His injuries were said to be minor, as far as being shot goes. Police say they have identified the suspects and are currently searching for them.

Outside of using OfferUp in the first place, the victim made two grave mistakes with his transaction. The first was allowing the suspects to come to his home. The second mistake was getting in the car with the two men.

If you insist on using an app like OfferUp, always make the transaction at your local police departments. Hardly a day goes by where some police station in the country is opening some form of safe zone for these kind of transactions.

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Body of missing Wichita boy found in ‘concrete coffin’

Body of missing Wichita boy found in 'concrete coffin'

Miranda Miller

Three-year-old Evan Brewer of Wichita, Kansas, was unfortunately caught in a custody battle that may have cost him his life. His father, Carlo Brewer, had been concerned for the safety of his son while the boy was living with his mother, 36-year-old Miranda Miller. Miller and her boyfriend, 40-year-old Stephen Bodine, lived together in a home Miller rented. The couple had only been together since February.

At first Miller and Brewer shared custody through an informal arrangement, but then Miller allegedly started limiting Brewer’s visitation to the point where members of Brewer’s family had to send Evan gifts through a third-party. Mr. Brewer had even filed an order of protection for Evan stating Evan had been injured and was always filthy and didn’t have appropriate clothing. Miller continued to avoid authorities who kept trying to make welfare checks on Evan. Eventually Miller and Bodine were evicted from the rental property and while the landlord was cleaning out the property found a concrete structure where the smell of death permeated the area. The body of a small boy was found inside the concrete. The body may have been there as far back as March.

While DNA results will be forthcoming, Evan’s grandfather, former Wichita Mayor and current gubernatorial candidate Carl Brewer, confirmed the body belonged to Evan. So far no cause of death has been determined, but Miller and Bodine have been arrested. Miller was charged with aggravated interference with parental custody while Bodine was charged with aggravated assault. Carl Brewer had even tried reaching out to multiple government agencies including DCF and Governor Sam Brownback’s office to try to find his grandson.

I’ll post more updates as they become available and as time allows.


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Wichita girl killed by violent playground slide and totally not by the mother’s boyfriend

Wichita girl killed by violent playground slide and totally not by the mother's boyfriend

Another inanimate menace that must be stopped

A 2-year-old girl from Wichita, Kansas, recently died after her mother claimed that the girl hit her head on a playground slide. You know the story by now though, after the girl was examined at the hospital her injuries were not consistent of that type of injury plus there were previous brain bleeds according to investigators.

Sly Maples

Details are unclear how police came to arrest the woman’s boyfriend, 33-year-old Sly Maples, for the girls death. However reports say that the pair were only dating for 3 months and the woman and her daughter just recently moved in with Maples. So for as long as 3 months Maples may have been allegedly violently abusing this poor girl for Hell only know what reason. I’m not saying the girl’s mother intentionally lied, she may have just been relaying what Maples told her since she wasn’t at the scene at the time of her daughter’s final injuries.

Maples does have a previous history of violence as an ex of his filed a restraining order against him accusing him of choking her until she passed out.

First off to the single mothers out there be very selective on who you decide to enter a relationship with. It’s not wrong to do a background check on them since it means protecting your children. Secondly I have to once again address all the abusing scumbags out there who think they’re smarter than doctors and police. You’re not. You can try to tell them some bullshit story about how they ‘fell’ out of bed but you will be found out and you will go to prison for a long time. So how about not being an abusive assclown instead?

Also here is a good follow-up article on how to recognize the signs of continuing child abuse.

Thanks to Denise for the tip.

Wichita craigslist creeper sentenced

Wichita man pleads guilty to electronic solicitation:

Todd Kautz

Early in August 44-year-old Todd Kautz of Wichita, Kansas was sentenced to 176 months (close to 15 years) for online child solicitation. Kautz had placed an ad on craigslist soliciting teenage boys for sex. The ad was discovered by a civilian who took it upon himself to respond to the ad as a 13-year-old boy. After Kautz sent some lewd messages the man went to police with his discoveries. and the rest follows the natural progression of craigslist creepers including an arrest in a park. Kautz pleaded guilty to the charges.

What I’d really like to know is if the man who discovered the ad tried to flag it, you know, craigslist’s ‘community’ policing, before he went to the actual police.

As I’ve said before since the demise of MySpace, craigslist has become the go to site for child predators looking for victims.

Woman who whored out 5-year-old convicted

Mother, friend guilty in Kansas 6-year-old’s rape:

Back in January I posted a story about a woman who whored out her 5-year-old daughter for $6 so she could get whiskey and smokes.

Yesterday her and the man she sold her daughter out to, 51-year-old Reggie Stafford, were both convicted in a Wichita court. They were both convicted of two counts of rape and one count of aggravated criminal sodomy. She was also convicted of aiding and abetting and aggravated child endangerment.

They’re both looking at 25 to life. Sentencing is set for October. Let’s hope they get the life part of the sentence.

Thanks to Reesegril for the update.

Wichita craigslist rapist took the coward’s way out

Kan. man convicted of Craigslist rape found dead:

It’s official. David Lee Gage who was sentenced to 29 years for raping craigslist prostitutes took his own worthless life. No word on what Gage’s preferred method of self-execution was but again I have to say thanks for saving the taxpayers of Kansas a few bucks.

Wichita craigslist rapist found dead in cell

Craigslist rapist found dead in jail cell:

David Gage was sentenced back in May to 29 years for a series of rapes he committed on several craigslist prostitutes. This morning he was found dead in his prison cell.

No word on the cause of death yet but I can’t say that I’m heartbroken. Not to mention how much this is going to save the taxpayers of Kansas.

Wichita craigslist rapist sentenced

Wichita Craigslist rapist gets 30 years:

David Lee Gage of Wichita, Kansas was sentenced to 29 years for raping craigslist prostitutes. Gage would arrange a meeting with the prostitutes over craigslist. Then when he would meet them at a motel he would flash a fake U.S. Marshal’s badge then threaten them with prosecution if they didn’t have sex with him. Gage had a prior arrest for almost the exact same thing back in 1998.

Commenting on the sentencing craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster was his usual tactful self…

Jim Buckmaster, CEO of the San Francisco-based online classified service, expressed sympathy for the victims Thursday while noting that Gage had committed a similar crime a decade earlier, “long before Craigslist came to Wichita.”

Classy. Women have been raped and Jimmy just has to try to deflect blame from craigslist. I somehow doubt his claimed sympathy for the victims.

Wichita woman accused of pimping out 5-year-old daughter

Mom accused of prostituting daughter, 5:

A 48-year-old Wichita, Kansas woman has been accused of prostituting her 5-year-old daughter. The man accused of raping her daughter is 51-year-old Reggie Stafford. While the woman is facing charges for whoring her 5-year-old daughter out prosecutors say that she also did the same thing to her two other daughters who at the time were between the ages of 8 and 14.

Prosecutors tried to get testimony from the older daughters introduced into court but the judge disallowed that stating that the testimony does not fit the Kansas Supreme Court’s guidelines for prior bad acts.

Anyway this how little the unnamed woman must have thought of her 5-year-old daughter. She sold her daughter into basically what amounts to sexual slavery for 6 or 7 bucks which she used for booze and smokes. Which may turn out to be prophetic because I hope that the birth organism will be trade for $6 worth of smokes in prison.

Thanks to Maryanne for the tip.