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Sheboygan schlub charged with school shooting plot

Sheboygan schlub charged with school shooting plot

Joshua Bagemehl

Normally, I don’t like to post the mug shots of school shooters and plotters anymore, because it gives them some of the attention that they’re usually craving. However in this case, I mean come on, just look at him. How could I not?

Anyway, Grimace up there is 21-year-old Joshua Bagemehl of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He’s been accused of allegedly plotting a school shooting in the Sheboygan area. No specific school was allegedly targeted, however Bagemehl would take to Facebook to rant about his idea

A Facebook post on December 10th read as follows: “So, I might be buying a AR-15 with a laser red dot on it and (expletive) semi-auto too .22 caliber. Just waiting on the background check.”

On December 11th, Bagemehl’s Facebook post reads as follows: “Someone needs to do a school shooting around here. It would be funny as (expletive).”

Then on December 12th, Bagemehl’s Facebook post reads as follows: “My AR-15 style rifle, my 715T Mossberg semi-auto rifle with 300 rounds with red dot laser sight.” The post was accompanied by two photos of the rifle in its open case.

Bagemehl also commented on a separate post with two photos of an assault rifle and said “Ima live by the gun, die by the gun, Ima die holding a gun” (sic).

Maybe background checks should include a check of social media, or at least a proper check of diction.

Not surprisingly, Bagemehl was fond of watching videos of Columbine, along with videos of ISIS beheading their victims. He claimed that the videos were stress relievers for him so he wouldn’t shoot people, and that they ‘never get old’.

Like most of these cretins he appears to have an over-inflated sense of self-worth…

When investigators interviewed Bagemehl, the criminal complaint says he “spontaneously stated ‘(expletive) are calling on me every time I post a gun on Facebook.’” The defendant stated “he didn’t care what ‘other’ people thought and that it would be ‘funny’ if someone did a school shooting in Sheboygan.”

According to police, Bagemehl’s mother had told them back in January that her son was schizophrenic and bipolar. He is said to have told police that he ‘might’ be off his medication.

Sadly, even with all he weapons and ammo police are said to have found he’s only looking at three years behind bars. I wonder if the defense will be that it was ‘just a joke’, or that he has Asperger’s.

I’ll post more on this as details become available, and as time allows.

Wisc. city to fine parents of bullies and why it won’t work


The city of Shawano, Wisconsin, recently enacted a new ordinance that would fine the parents of students who are deemed bullies.

Under the new ordinance, parents and guardians will have 90 days after they’re informed by a police officer of their child’s behavior to intervene.

If the parent doesn’t stop their child from acting as a bully the parent will be fined $366.

If there is a second offense within one year, the parent will be fined $681.

I’ve always thought that the parents of bullies should be held responsible for the actions of their children since they’re usually in denial about their kids being bullies, however, this legislation is not the answer and may only make things worse. Think about it for a moment: bullies thrive on two things, intimidation and escalation. If a kid’s parents get fined that kid is only going to make things worse for his/her victims and these fines will do nothing to curtail bullying. Let’s not also forget that schools often have a hard time actually identifying bullies. In too many cases kids who are identified as bullies are actually the victims of bullies who try to defend themselves.

In a perfect world these fines would cause the parents to admonish their kids for being bullies but in reality their parents will continue to deny their kids’ behavior and their kids will lash out at their victims in retaliation.

Instead of trying to combat bullying we should be teaching our kids not to be victims. My biggest regret from all my years of being bullied in school is not standing up to my bullies. A little bit of self-confidence can carry you far.

RSO wanted vibe to be right with craigslist teen

Milwaukee police nab convicted sex offender in online sting operation:

Dale Lamont Williams

Dale Lamont Williams

Police in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have arrested Dale Lamont Williams for allegedly soliciting a 15-year-old boy for sex through craigslist. Police there say that Williams posted an ad on craigslist looking for sex with someone young. When the 15-year-old asked Williams if he was ok with the boy’s age Williams was said to respond with…

“As long as you can carry yourself like an adult when you get here and the vibe is right. I’m cool.”

Williams then instructed the boy on how to get to his residence by bus. It’s always by bus with some creepers.

If you’ve been reading this site for any length of time you should know by now that the 15-year-old boy was actually a detective who is part of Wisconsin’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. It turns out that Williams is a registered sex offender who was wanted in Illinois for failure to register. Wow, another sex offender who re-offended. What are the odds? And he used craigslist too. This story seems so unlikely. Ok, that’s enough sarcasm for now.

It really should come as no surprise that a registered sex offender used craigslist to find his next victim. They know that craigslist itself does nothing to prevent these type of ads from being posted.

Guilty plea in WI craigslist related death

Evansville man pleads guilty on charges related to death of Aprina Paul:

Nathan Middleton

Nathan Middleton

I originally posted about the death of Aprina Paul here. She died back in October of an alleged overdose after responding to the craigslist ad of 30-year-old Nathan Middleton who was offering weed for sex. Middleton claimed he panicked when he found her dead and burnt her body beyond recognition in his backyard fire pit since he was a felon on parole.

Recently Middleton of Evansville, Wisconsin, pleaded guilty to hiding a corpse and mutilating a corpse. He has not been charged with Aprina Paul’s murder because it seems that he was actually really thorough in the burning of her body…

Rock County Sheriff Bob Spoden said the guilty pleas did little to ease his frustrations with the case. Middleton burned Paul’s body so thoroughly and covered his tracks so well that sheriff’s detectives, the state crime lab and other agencies have not uncovered any evidence that would lead to more serious charges , he added.

“I believe that he was involved in her death, I believed he covered up the crime,” Spoden said. “We’re not giving up on this, but we’re realistic.”

Middleton is still looking at a max of 32 years behind bars and maybe a scientific miracle will occur and they’ll actually be able to pin her death on him but don’t hold your breath.

The more shady the transaction appears to be on craigslist the more likely it can be for harm to come to you.

UPDATE 6/25/2014: Middleton was sentenced to 22 1/2 years behind bars.

WI man gets shut down by 12-year-old girl on Snapchat

Man, 19, charged with sending inappropriate photos of himself to girl, 12:


19-year-old Brandon M. Schallock of Juneau, Wisconsin, is accused of sending a picture of his junk to a 12-year-old girl over the ‘temporary’ photo sharing app Snapchat. Now usually when that happens it takes a while for someone of any authority to find out usually because the suspect has groomed the victim into some kind of twisted relationship. Not here.

After receiving the photo, the girl said she sent back a message stating “not cool” and blocked Schallock from messaging her.

Nice. There’s only one thing I can add to that.


Green Bay man charged with sexual assault of craigslist baby sitter

Woman Sexually Assaulted Responding to Craigslist Ad:

Man charged in sexual assault after placing babysitting ad:

Tyler Olson

Tyler Olson

24 year-old Tyler Olson of Green Bay, Wisconsin, has been charged with the alleged sexual assault of a 20-year-old woman he met through craigslist. Actually it sounds a lot like rape to me but apparently that’s taboo to use in a headline these days.

Anyway police say that Olson placed an ad on craigslist looking for a baby sitter. The victim responded to the ad and went to Olson’s home. Once inside Olson is said to have pulled a knife on her then sexually assaulted her.

It’s only by chance that were probably not talking about another craigslist killing. Olson forced the woman to derive him around but they ran out of gas and were spotted by Green Bay police. The woman was able to ask the officer for help while Olson fled. He’s been locked up and is being held on $100,000 bond.

Again it doesn’t matter how innocuous a craigslist ad may be you never know what kind of monster is waiting on the other side of it.

Craigslist related death in Wisconsin

Craigslist ad for sex led to Wisconsin teen’s death, documents show:

No charges, so far, in death of Aprina Paul:

Aprina Paul

Aprina Paul

I can’t call it a craigslist killing yet since no murder charges have been filed yet but it doesn’t make the story any less disturbing.

The burnt remains of 18-year-old Aprina Paul of Fitchburg, Wisconsin have allegedly been discovered in a backyard fire pit. That backyard belongs to one 29-year-old Nathan Middleton of Porter, Wisconsin.

Middleton has allegedly admitted to police that Aprina died at his house but says not by his hand. He claims that she died of a drug overdose. Middleton says that he met Aprina after she supposedly responded to his ad that seems to have proposed a kind of sex for weed deal. Middleton had the weed and wanted the sex even though he’s engaged. What this mystery drug is that Aprina is said to have OD’d on is unknown because Middleton says all they did was smoke weed. He claims that he woke up the next day to her not breathing.

So why was her body burnt? Police say that Middleton admitted to burning her body by creating a giant fire pit in his back yard. He sent his fiance to get ingredients for s’mores while he started the burning of her body. He even had his fiance help him tend the fire. Neighbors say that the flames reached to about 8 feet high.

If this story sounds familiar it’s because it sounds a lot like the death of Donna Jou. She met John Steven Burgess on craigslist and he says that Donna died from a heroin overdose. The world may never know the truth in that situation because Burgess claims he threw Donna’s body in the Pacific Ocean.

As one of the articles mentions Middleton has not been charged with murder yet. He’s being held for violating probation. So far police have no evidence to dispute Middleton’s claims and it wouldn’t be the first time someone has committed an atrocity to stay out of prison. However this doesn’t seem like all there is to the story. At the very least I wouldn’t be surprised if Middleton supplied her with the drug she OD’d on which makes me wonder if the delivery of said drug was to a willing participant or not.

In case you’re wondering pot is still illegal in Wisconsin which leads me to believe that if craigslist actually moderated their site Middleton’s ad would have never seen the light of day.

UPDATE 11/14/2013: Middleton has been arrested once again. This time he’s been charged with hiding a corpse, mutilating a corpse and failure to notify the coroner of a death. Still no murder charges have been filed yet.

Nathan Middleton

Nathan Middleton

Mr. Peeples the craigslist creeper

Man charged with sex assault of teen boy:

Josiah P. Peeples

Josiah P. Peeples

Last month 30-year-old Josiah P. Peeples of Madison, Wisconsin was arrested for allegedly ‘having sex’ with a 15-year-old boy that he met through craigslist. At the time of the arrest Peeples supposedly admitted to police that he knew the boy was underage.

No word on who placed the ad but once again parents need to be more aware of their kids’ internet habits. No 15-year-old needs to be on craigslist for any reason.

There’s just way too many guys like this on craigslist waiting to take advantage of confused and naive kids on craigslist and craigslist doesn’t give a damn about them.

Man charged with posting child porn on Tumblr

Man charged with posting child pornography online:

Richard E. Desensi

Richard E. Desensi

For those of you unfamiliar with Tumblr it’s a blogging site which in my opinion is the successor to LiveJournal. I mean it has it all, epic reposting of memes, teens complaining about first world problems, murder groupies and mutants, and porn. Lots and lots of porn. Unfortunately even that of the child variety. See, just like LiveJournal used to be.

For example take 45-year-old Richard E. Desensi of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. He was charged for allegedly posting and exchanging child porn through Tumblr while using his work computer. And oh yeah, it seems that he also works for the state of Wisconsin. You tax dollars at work.

In response to a court order in May, Tumblr sent two images to State Division of Criminal Investigation agent Tyler Lange, one showing a prepubescent girl being sexually assaulted by a man and another of a nude girl in a shower.

My question is why was this kind of crap on Tumblr to begin with? Last year Tumblr took the bold and in my opinion correct step of banning self-harm blogs. So why can’t they screen for child porn especially now that Yahoo owns Tumblr. Yahoo has received a lot of bad press in the past for its chat rooms being a haven for pedophiles and sexual predators. When Yahoo acquired Tumblr they said that they were going to leave it alone. I hope that doesn’t mean when it comes to the exploitation of children as well.

Oshkosh man wanted the younger the better on craigslist


Sussex Sex Sting: Man Arrested After Posting Craigslist Ad:

Waukesha County Sheriffs in Wisconsin arrested 29-year-old Aaron L. Martin of Oshkosh for allegedly soliciting underage girls for sex on craigslist. According to investigators Martin’s ad said “$$$ younger the better $$ cant host but can travel or in my car.” Of course when he went to the prerequisite meeting place of a fast food joint to meet a 14-year-old girl he was instead met by the Sheriff’s Department.

As I’ve said before when these scumbags are caught it’s usually not their first rodeo. Police say that Martin just about admitted as much…

Martin told investigators he posted ads on Craigslist for years. He admitted to making contact with girls and paying them for sexual favors. He also admitted he drove to Sussex to pay a 14-year-old girl $50 for oral sex, adding that he didn’t normally meet underage girls.

Right, so why did the ad say the younger the better then? The better question is why wasn’t this ad flagged on craigslist by its users? That’s because their users are basically just like Martin. Craigslist could easily monitor the seedier parts of their site like casual encounters but they choose not to. I guess they’d rather see underage girls molested than moderating their site.