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Martinsville gunman faces new charges

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

Martinsville school shooter could face more prison time:

On the same day that Michael Phelps was sentenced to 30 years for shooting Chance Jackson at Martinsville West Middle School, prosecutors filed new charges of witness intimidation against Phelps.

According to prosecutors Phelps allegedly sent out letters threatening anybody who would testify against him…

“Everyone that snitched me out is getting something when I get out,” he wrote in one letter, according to court documents.

In another, he wrote, “This town is going to remember me when I get out(.) (T)hey better believe that.”

He also allegedly arranged a beating of a potential witness…

The witness, who was unnamed, thought he was meeting friends to play basketball but was beaten up instead, according to court documents. The person who beat the witness said, “This is for Michael,” according to the documents.

So much for being a loner with no friends.

No word on a possible sentence yet but prosecutors are saying that any additional jail time would be served consecutive to his current sentence.

This should go against his lawyer’s appeal that Phelps should not have been charged as an adult considering that he orchestrated retaliation like a jailed a mob boss.

Backpage trafficker indicted on trying to kill witnesses

Tea man arrested for sex trafficking indicted for trying to have witnesses killed:

It seems that the victimless crime almost claimed another type of victim.

26-year-old Brandon Quincy Thompson is one of the people who got busted for backpage.com human trafficking and child prostitution in Tea, South Dakota. Now he’s been indicted for trying to have two of the witnesses against him killed. Considering the witnesses may be some of the kids that he pimped out that makes this ‘victimless’ crime even double heinous.

Again still no pressure from the media on the Village Voice media owned backpage.com.